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The Background, Development Status and its Prospect of the Industry of Whole Grain in China
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The Background, Development Status and its Prospect of the Industry of Whole Grain in China

TAN Bin1,2, ZHAI Xiao-tong1

(1. Institute of Cereal and Oil Science and Technology, Academy of National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration, Beijing 100037, China; 2. Food Laboratory of Zhongyuan, Luohe, Henan 462300, China)

Abstract: The development of whole grain industry in China, can not only improve the efficiency of edible utilization of grain resources and reduce food loss, but also minimize the natural micronutrient loss including B vitamins, bioactive compounds and dietary fibers, thus help to solve the hidden hunger problems among Chinese residents, as well as reduce the risk of suffering from the chronic diseases. It is one of the important measures to implement the "Anti-food Waste Law of the People’s Republic of China", the "Healthy China" strategy and the "Rural Revitalization" strategy, as well as practice the concept of all-encompassing approach to food. At present, Chinese whole grain industry has already demonstrated a trend of joint attention and linkage among academia, industry, government, media and consumers, however, the total whole grain consumption remains extremely low. In the near future, in order to guide the scientific diet and healthy lifestyle of Chinese citizen, ensure the national food security, a comprehensive multi-demensional layout of the entire industry chain is necessary for promoting the organization and implementation of the National Whole Grain Action Plan. The various measures include science popularization and consumption advocacy, collaborative technological innovation, standard identification and certification system development, as well as industrial production and typical application scenario promotion.

Key words: whole grain; nutrition and health; save food; food security;important advance; prospect

Chinese Library Classification Number: TS201.4; S-1

Documentary Identification Code: A      Article ID: 1007-7561(2024)01-0001-11

Published time on CNKI: 2023-12-27 16:05:48

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Published date:2024-01-24Click:

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