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  • 1  Simultaneous determination of deoxynivalenol and ramification in wheat by immune affinity column and high performance liquid chromatography
    王培 徐广超 尹丽梅 黎睿 谢刚
    2015, 23(1):63-66.
    [Abstract](1821) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.59 M](1281)
    The method to determine deoxynivalenol (DON), 3-acetyl- deoxynivalenol (3-A-DON) and 15-acetyl-deoxynivalenol (15-A-DON) in wheat simultaneously by immune affinity column clean-up and high performance liquid chromatography was established. The wheat samples were extracted by ultrapure water, cleared up with the immuno-affinity column (IAC). After drying and constant volume, three toxins, DON、3-A-DON and15-A-DON, were detected simultaneously by high performance liquid chromatograph with UV detector, and compared with that by Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry. The result showed that the detection limit of method was 100 μg/kg for DON, 3-A-DON and 15-A-DON respectively. Recovery rates in wheat spiked with DON, 3-A-DON, and 15-A-DON, ranged from 86.6% to 96.5%. The variation coefficient was less than 10%. This method was suitable for determination of DON, 3-A-DON, and 15-A-DON in wheat, with the advantages of simplicity, rapidness, sensitivity and good selectivity, veracity and precision.
    2  Discussion on problems in development of rice processing industry in China
    谭斌 吴娜娜 谭云
    2014, 22(2):1-5.
    [Abstract](1649) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](549)
    Rice is a traditional staple food in China,and it's very important for the production of grain.At present,China is in a critical period of industrial structure and consumption structure transformation.Rice processing industry has entered into a new development stage of the pursuit of delicious,safe and secure,nutrition and health,convenience and diversification.The strategic position of rice in the staple food industry in China and in the world,and the development status of rice processing industry in China were studied.The problems in the development of rice processing industry nowadays were also discussed.
    3  Effects of milling methods on the processing quality of glutinous rice flour
    ZHOU Xian-qing XIA Wen-wen ZHANG Yu-rong HU Yu-ming
    2014, 22(1):7-13.
    [Abstract](1637) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](544)
    The effect of milling methods on the quality of glutinous rice flour was studied by analyzing the physicochemical characteristics, the thermodynamic properties and the texture of glutinous rice flour milled by different methods. The results showed that the difference between the effects of different milling methods on the quality of glutinous rice flour was significant. The moisture content of the flour was easy to control with better color, lower ash content, acidity, fatty acid value, solubility and retrogradation, and better swelling degree when the wet milling method was used. However, no significant differences were observed in their transparency, water retention and the thermodynamic properties. The quality of glutinous rice flour was the best one produced by wet milling method in texture.
    4  Research progress on the applications of simulation technology in grain storage ecosystem
    Wu Zi-dan Zhao Hui-yi Cao yang Li Fu-jun Wei Lei
    2014, 22(1):1-6.
    [Abstract](1618) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](539)
    The simulation technology has been applied in grain storage ecosystem following the development of information technology, and has been an important tool for the research on interactive influence among multi-factors. Combining with the structure and characters of grain storage ecosystem, the research progress and application status of the followed area was introduced in detail: environment and ecology subsystem, computer simulations for grain pile non-biological field under no manual intervention conditions, simulation research in mechanical ventilation of grain storage, computer simulation research for the detection and precontrol of storage pests, and simulation research for growth model and precontrol of storage microorganisms.The characteristics of individual field effect on grain storage ecosystem will be more unequivocal by using simulation technology. Multi-parameter optimized control strategy for grain storage ecosystem will be formed gradually based on the research of multi-fields coupling theory.
    5  A rapid method for the determination of edible oil iodine value
    杨丽 纪东彬 薛敦辉 陈蓉 杜虹颖 卢玮彤 关杏彬 高静雯
    2014, 22(2):61-63.
    [Abstract](1617) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](476)
    The improved determination method was tested by adding Wijs reagent and 10 mL 3% magnesium acetate solution as catalyst reacting for 13 min,according to the principle and operation method of national standard for determination of iodine value in edible oil(Wijs method).The results showed that there was no great difference between the two methods with the relative error less than 2%.It indicated that catalyst magnesium acetate had no adverse effect on the accuracy of determination results.The improved method,possessing less toxicity,good accuracy and reliability,is a rapid method for determination of iodine value in edible oil.
    6  Extraction of protein from corn germ by reverse micelle and its functionality
    任婷婷 吕双双 李书国
    2014, 22(2):80-84.
    [Abstract](1533) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](418)
    Extraction of protein from corn germ by AOT/isooctane reversed micellar extraction and its processing functionality were studied. The effects of dosage of cellulase, AOT mass concentration, KCl concentration, pH of buffer solution and W0 on the forward extraction rate of the protein, and the effects of extraction time, KCl concentration, pH of buffer solution on the backward extraction rate were investigated. The optimum forward extraction conditions were determined: dosage of cellulase 4 000 IU/g corn germ, AOT mass concentration 3 g/50 mL isooctane, pH 6, KCl concentration 0.1 mol/L, W0 25. The optimum backward extraction conditions were as follows: KCl concentration 0.5 mol/L, pH 10.5, and extraction time 40 min. Some processing functionality of corn germ protein was studied. The result showed that oil absorptivity (2.9 mL/g), emulsifiability (54.5%),emulsion stability (86.5%) and foam stability (58.3%) were good. But water absorptivity and foamability was slightly poorer than rice protein. Corn germ protein has higher nutritive value and perfect processing functionality; therefore it can be used in food industry.
    7  Determination of tannin in fresh bamboo shoots by Folin-Ciocalteu colorimetric spectrophotometry
    FEI Jian-feng XIE Jia-ni LIU Juan-juan FANG Xu-bo CHEN Ke-ke CHEN Na
    2013, 21(4).
    [Abstract](1485) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](0)
    实验采用Folin-Ciocalteu比色分光光度法测定新鲜竹笋中单宁的含量.结果显示:新鲜竹笋待测液加入Folin-Ciocalteu显色剂2 mL,9%的Na2CO3溶液5 mL,定容混匀后于40℃静置60 min,并在770 nm处测定其光密度值(OD值),经计算得到新鲜毛竹冬笋和毛竹春笋单宁质量分数分别为0.131 4%、0.330 5%.以单宁为标样,单宁量在0.000~0.020 mg/mL范围之内服从比耳定律,回归方程y=98.957x+0.029,相关系数R2 =0.992 7,据此线性回归方程定量测定鲜笋中的单宁,该方法具有方便、操作简单、精密度高、稳定性好及准确可靠等优点.
    8  Optimization of fermentation conditions of lactic acid bacteria exopolysaccharide and the effect on the steamed bread quality
    杨晓露 李志建 邵源 刘长虹 卞科
    2014, 22(2):92-94.
    [Abstract](1482) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](410)
    A lactic acid bacteria with high yield of exopolysaccharide (EPS) named L1 was isolated from sourdough and identified as lactobacillus plantarum. The results showed that the highest exopolysaccharide yield was obtained when the carbon-nitrogen ratio in medium was 2∶1 at initial pH 6 incubated for 18 h at 30 ℃. The specific volume and sensory score of steamed bread with L1 EPS increased obviously and whiteness increased slightly.
    9  Technical analysis of Design code for vegetable oil depot
    2015, 23(1):102-104.
    [Abstract](1121) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.10 M](741)
    Some provisions, which was easy to cause confusion, in Design code for vegetable oil depot (LS 8010-2014) implemented on March 1, 2014 were analyzed in technical aspect. The provisions included determination of the flash point of vegetable oil, fire hazard classification, the total capacity of the tank group, tank spacing, tank type and ratio of height to diameter and vegetable oil tank can installed without a lightning rod etc. So the relevant personnel within the industry can correctly understand and use the code.
    10  Research on stored grain insects in Jiangxi province
    贺培欢 曹 阳 林丽莎 章 妺 李 娜 郑 丹 汪中明
    2017, 25(4):76-81.
    [Abstract](1107) [HTML](304) [PDF 927.44 K](637)
    The insects in stored grain of grain depots, grain processing factories, feed mills and farmers household in 5cities in Jiangxi province were investigated.60 species of stored grain insects were collected, most of them were coleopteran reached to 42 species,accounting for 70%. Tribolium castaneum Herbst and Rhizopertha dominica Fabricius were most common stored grain insects in this area, both with the total occurrences of 69.6%. Total occurences of 12 species of main pests were generally over 10%. The results also showed there were only 5.4 species per depots on average in grain depots. Compared with grain depots, more insect species were found in grain-processing factories, feed mills and farmers household, about 11.8 species per survey spot on average. It was found that there were many species of natural enemy of stored grain pests in Jiangxi province, the main species were parasitic flies, stinkbugs, pseudoscorpions and predatory mites, which had natural advantages of biological control of stored grain pests. Moreover, Cryptolestes pusilloides (Steel et Howe) was collected in Jiangxi province for the first time.
    11  Effect of propylene glycol alginate on rheological and baking properties of dough
    刘海燕 逄锦龙 王小霞 刘然然 代增英 王晓梅
    2017, 25(6):1-4.
    [Abstract](1095) [HTML](348) [PDF 963.70 K](788)
    The effect of propylene glycol alginate (PGA) with different percentages (0.1%、0.2%、0.3% and 0.4%) on rheological properties and baking properties of dough was analyzed by farinograph,extensograph and texture analyser.The results showed that:PGA could improve the farinograph properties and extensograph properties of dough,such as water absorption,stability time,flour evaluation index,dough extension,extension resistance and stretch ratio.PGA could increase the specific volume of bread,significantly improve the springiness,the taste and sensory score of bread,and reduce the hardness of bread.The bread with 0.2%~0.3% PGA had the optimal quality.
    12  Study on the expression of regulation of two strong promoters in bacillus subtilis
    周艳敬 常晓娇 吴子丹 伍松陵 孙长坡
    2015, 23(2):68-72.
    [Abstract](1058) [HTML](0) [PDF 2.62 M](858)
    The effect of two kinds of constitutive strong promoters P43 and PlapS on regulation of heterologous gene was compared on the expression level of ZEN degrading enzyme gene ZLHY6 and the enzyme activity evaluation. The degrading enzyme gene regulated by PlapS received efficient expression in bacillus subtilis 168, and the degrading enzyme activity reached the highest level of 219.02 U/mL after fermentation for 12 h. Moreover, the genetic stability of ZEN degrading enzyme gene expression vector pWBZ7 regulated by PlapS in Bs 168 lays a foundation for efficient expression and secretion of degrading enzyme.
    13  Analysis on flour and bread quality of new wheat No.26 yielded from different milling sections
    刘磊 齐学文 周裔彬 姚大年 郑文寅 胡承霖
    2014, 22(2):12-15.
    [Abstract](1019) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](423)
    The quality of wheat flour presents some differences due to the different extracting section of the milling process. Compared with the control bread flour, the new wheat No.26 as the raw material was milled by laboratory mill to extract flour from three break systems and three reduction systems. The milling flow for bread flour was designed by determining the main component, farinograph parameters, RVA pasting properties and bread TPA parameters of the flour. The results showed that the protein and wet gluten content in the flour from break system was higher than that from reduction system, that from head break system lower than that from tail break system, and that from head reduction system higher than that from tail reduction system. The dough development time,stabilization time, peak viscosity, setback of the flour from each system, and the elasticity and resilience of bread was consistent with the change of protein content. The ash content of the flour from 1M was the lowest, both water absorption and fat content of the flour from 3M was the highest, while the bread hardness, chewiness, degree of softening and breakdown of the flour from 3B were the lowest. Compared with the control group bought from market, the flour from tail break system and from head reduction system could be utilized as bread flour. The flour from 3B was the best among break system and that from 1M was the best among reduction system.
    14  Optimization of formula of composite stabilizer in jujube soy milk by response surface methodology
    曾 璟 胡洁芳 沈勇根 周 明 艾啸威
    2017, 25(6):13-20.
    [Abstract](1004) [HTML](336) [PDF 3.28 M](592)
    The effect of complex emulsifiers-thickeners on the stability of compound protein beverage made of concentrated jujube juice and soybean was discussed.Based on the single factor experiment,the best ratio of the thickener and their quantity range were chosen.The effects of compound thickener,sucrose fatty acid ester,distilled glycerin monostearate and their interaction on the stability of the protein milk containing jujube and soybean were analyised by Box-Benhnken response method.The quadratic polynomial regression equation prediction model was obtained by Design Expert software ( results showed that the stability of the jujube-soybean milk was improved effectively by the compound stabilizer contained 0.06% compound thickeners (xanthan:guar gum:sodium carboxymethyl celubse=4:2:3),0.10% sucrose fatty acid ester and 0.04% distilled glycerin monostearate,and the product tastes exquisite with the best quality.
    15  Development of steamed bread with eggshell powder
    2018, 26(1):21-24.
    [Abstract](988) [HTML](336) [PDF 1.85 M](613)
    The optimum parameters of steamed bread with eggshell powder were studied through the single factor experiments and orthogonal test. The results showed that the ratio of eggshell powder steamed bread (calculated by wheat flour weight) was:0.7% eggshell powder, 55% water,1% yeast and fermented for 110min at 32~38℃ and humidity 75%~90%,and steamed with boiled water for 15~18min. The steamed bread under the conditions had good quality and high nutritional value. The application range of eggshell powder is expended and the diversified demand of staple food is satisfied.
    16  Comparative study on resistance of six varieties of wheat to maize weevil
    王殿轩 袁玉珂 张志雄
    2015, 23(1):89-93.
    [Abstract](983) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.50 M](871)
    Six varieties of wheat were selected from Hebei, Henan and Shandong provinces, which were LiangXing 66, Fanmai 8, Xinong 979, Zhengmai 7698, Jimai 22 and Aikang 58, respectively. The moisture content of grain was adjusted to 12.5% after sampling from field. Each test sample in weight of 16 grams was infested by six parent weevils which ratio of female to male was four to two. The emergence time and progeny number of adults, weight changes of test sample were checked. And the sensitive coefficient was calculated according to the checked data. The results showed that in Jimai22 the mean development duration of the insect was shortest, for 40.8 days, and the number of progeny was biggest, 46 adults. The sensitive coefficient of Jimai22 to the weevil was 9.40. In Xinong979 the mean development duration of the insect was 42. 6 days. The number of progeny was 8 adults. And the sensitive coefficient of Xinong979 was 4.98. The beginning time, peak number time and ending time of adult eclosion for the insect was gotten short for Jimai22 that the resistance to insects was on the lowest level. For Xinong979 that the resistance to insects was on top level, the beginning time and ending time of adult eclosion were bigger than others, but not the biggest number. For Liangxing66 that the resistance to insects was less than that of Xinong979, the ending time was longer than that of others. There was a little of change on weight of samples in the days from the insect egg infesting to beginning time of adult eclosion. The results showed that there were obvious differences in resistance to insects between wheat varieties. The smaller sensitive coefficient was,the more the progeny number was. The eclosion duration was not entirely consistent with trends of sensitive coefficient; and there was no obvious correlation between the sensitive coefficient and the weight change of wheat infested by the insect.
    17  Determination of acetoin in fermentation broth by high performance liquid chromatography
    汤丹丹 王腾飞 王瑞明
    2015, 23(1):67-69.
    [Abstract](983) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.44 M](840)
    The acetoin microorganism fermentation system was prepared by biological method. The method to determine acetoin by high performance liquid chromatography was studied. The fermentation broth was pre-treated by centrifuging and filtering with 0.22 μm microporous membrane. A column of Hypersil NH2(300 mm×4.6 mm,5 μm)with an mobile phase containing acetonitrile and water(90∶10,V/V) was used for the analysis of acetoin in fermentation system, the flow rate was 1 mL/min, the column temperature and detector temperature was 35 ℃,the chromatography was completed in just 25 min. The recovery rate was 95.96%~101.2% and the relative standard deviations 1.69%~2.09%. The method was proved to be a rapid and effective quantitative analysis method with simple pretreatment and high sensitive to determine the acetoin in fermentation broth, which was fit for guiding real-time monitoring the fermentation process.
    18  Comparison and analysis of application of mobile membrane separation nitrogen equipment in transverse and vertical ventilation
    高彬彬 金建德 张云峰 季雪根 王会杰 沈 波 张飞豪
    2017, 25(6):65-69.
    [Abstract](980) [HTML](313) [PDF 1.77 M](610)
    The operations of air conditioning disinsection and storage were carried out by membrane separation nitrogen equipment within two warehouses equipped respectively with transverse and vertical ventilation system under the same conditions to compare the disinsection effect,concentration raising rate,unit energy consumption,uniformity of gas distribution,etc.The results showed that insecticide effect in the warehouse arranged with transverse ventilation is slightly better than that with vertical system,the concentration raising rate was 1.7 times higher,and the unit energy consumption was 21% lower,while the uniformity of gas distribution was basically the same.
    19  Verification test of determination of cadmium in paddy by acid extraction ICP-OES method
    李琦 熊宁 尚艳娥 刘勇 刘子豪 倪姗姗 朱玫 刘召贵
    2015, 23(1):58-62.
    [Abstract](970) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.13 M](876)
    The cadmium in sample was extracted with dilute nitric acid and determined by inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES). The parameters obtained from the test, such as curve linear range, detection limit, quantitative detection limit, accuracy, difference between the measurement station, reproducibility and stability, were validated. The result showed that the linear correlation coefficient of the standard curve was 0.999 8, detection limit 0.001 31 mg/L, quantitative detection limit 0.004 40 mg/L, accuracy, difference between the measurement station, reproducibility and stability accorded with GB/T 5009.15-2003 and other standards and requirements. The detection for a sample need less than 15 min, can meet the needs of rapid detection cadmium content in paddy.

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