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Volume 27,Issue 2,2019 Table of Contents

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  • 1  Problems and technology approaches on the development of grain storage and logistics (2)
    2019, 27(2):1-6.
    [Abstract](620) [HTML](186) [PDF 215.51 K](522)
    The problems existing in the development of grain storage and logistics technology, and its technical approaches were analyzed, guiding by grain market demand and its consumption. The problems are mainly on the quality control and the functional requirements of warehouse facilities. The concept of green, ecology, high quality, and high efficiency was discussed. It was emphasized that the quality control on the grain storage and logistics should be reinforced, the development technical approaches to the purpose and the baseline of grain storage and logistics should be guarded, the requirement of quality control on the grain technology should be refined, and the quality control technology of grain harvest source should be strengthened. The research on green ecological pest control technology, low-temperature grain storage technology, and functional warehouse type and functional structure was discussed, as well as the management of grain and oil storage technology, to continuously improve the refined management of the grain storage and logistics enterprises.
    2  The role of modern nutriology in promoting the economic development of coarse cereals industry
    2019, 27(2):7-10.
    [Abstract](494) [HTML](182) [PDF 344.26 K](466)
    The application of new theory and technique based on modern nutriology keep deepening people's understanding of the cereals functions on regulation of human health. Coarse cereals have the special functions named homology of medicine and food. Modern nutriology will promote further development of upgrades and modernizations of coarse cereals industry.
    3  Study on quality improvement technology of high content potato non-fried extruded instant noodles
    康建平 杨 健 张星灿 邹光友 刘 建 华苗苗 白菊红 张盛暑 王军强 任元元 钟雪婷 邹 育
    2019, 27(2):11-17.
    [Abstract](654) [HTML](174) [PDF 2.07 M](594)
    The quality improvement of non-fried extruded instant noodles with high content of potato (40% of whole powder content) was researched by response surface test. The main influencing factors on the quality were determined by regression analysis. The response surface graph was drawn based on gelatinization degree and sensory score. The results showed that when wheat protein was 1.53%, artemisia sphaerocephala krasch 0.01%, vegetable oil 2%, and β-cyclodextrin 0.06%, the high-content potato non-fried extruded instant noodles had a gelatinization degree of 92.1% and a sensory score of 90.89. The sample texture characteristics (TPA) indicators were consistent with the commercially available control samples, furthermore the sensory and nutritional indicators were superior to the commercially available controls.
    4  Study on processing technology of instant potato vermicelli
    张星星 黄 露 吴邦富 李 艳
    2019, 27(2):18-23.
    [Abstract](644) [HTML](181) [PDF 326.57 K](550)
    Potato vermicelli was prepared with potato whole powder, egg and water as main raw materials, which mixed in a certain proportion and stirred to pulp. After entering the mold, the pulp was cooked at constant temperature, cut into strips, dried and cool down. The influence of four factors, including the addition amount of eggs and water, cooking method and drying time, on the quality of instant potato vermicelli was investigated. The results showed that the optimum process conditions were the mass ratio of potato whole powder, water and egg liquid was 1∶1∶0.7, the constant temperature 100 ℃ and drying time 35 min. The optimum rehydration time of instant potato vermicelli was 5 min, both of the total number of microbial colony and number of coliform meet the national sanitary requirements, and the shelf life reached 450 d. This technology improves the quality of potato flour and enhances added value of potato flour.
    5  Research on extraction of palm oil by aqueous enzymatic method
    张玉锋 王 挥 宋 菲 沈晓君 张建国 夏秋瑜
    2019, 27(2):24-28.
    [Abstract](613) [HTML](185) [PDF 254.72 K](602)
    The most suitable enzyme which was used to extract palm oil from the palm fruit was selected among seven kinds of common hydrolase,such as cellulase, hemi-cellulase, pectinase, acid protease and so on. The optimal parameters were obtained based on single factor and orthogonal test, and acid value of palm oil was determined as well. The results showed that cellulase was the best enzyme to extract palm oil, and there was no significant influence of pH and temperature on the yield of palm oil. The optimum extraction conditions by cellulase was pH 4.5, temperature 45 ℃, hydrolysis time 2.5 h, the ratio of solid to liquid 1∶2 g/mL and enzyme dosage of 2%. The extraction rate of oil under this condition was 46.90%, and the acid value was 6.01 mg/g KOH. The results can provide reference for the industrial preparation of palm oil.
    6  Analysis of domestic research on oleifera seed oil by bibliometric—— based on major domestic database of periodicals
    陈 欢 罗昭标 陈博旺 王国威 胡清华
    2019, 27(2):29-33.
    [Abstract](564) [HTML](172) [PDF 346.82 K](625)
    2 830 literatures about oleifera seed oil collected from main domestic literatures database were selected as the research objects, and the status of research on oleifera seed oil in China was analyzed by bibliometrics. The results showed that the applications of oleifera seed oil distributed on 40 fields, while mainly concentrated in 4 fields, which were forestry, light industry, chemical industry and agricultural economy. The research literatures about oleifera seed oil showed an overall growth trend, and has entered a rapid growth period since 2007. Altogether 4 379 authors who wrote the literatures about oleifera seed oil, in which 2 023 was the first author with coauthor rate of 61.55%. The relationship between the total number of authors and their works was in accordance with Lotka's law. 40 research institutes of oleifera seed oil mainly concentrated in the south of China, and Hunan accounts for three of the top ten research institutes in the number of literatures. The distribution of literature publications conformed to Bradfod law. 26 journals, such as China Oils and Fats, can be regarded as core periodicals in oleifera seed oil research. 533 literatures were funded by 39 types of funds, and the rate of fund literature was 18.83%.
    7  Development of nutritional noodles with potherb
    2019, 27(2):34-38.
    [Abstract](529) [HTML](182) [PDF 199.40 K](478)
    The noodles are made of flour and the juice of aegopodium alpestre, araliaelata (miq.) seem and dandelion, which can meet people’s nutritional needs well. The noodles were evaluated by sensory methods, and the broken rate and water-absorption rate were determined. The optimum technological formula of the potherb noodles was obtained by single factor tests and orthogonal tests. The results showed that the noodles were in the best compositive quality with good sensory quality, low broken rate and high water-absorption rate when the aegopodium alpestre juice was 12%, araliaelata (miq.) seem juice 11%, and dandelion juice 6%.
    8  Research on antioxidant and immunity regulation function of three kinds of fruit and vegetable zymotic fluid
    张瑞雪 方 磊 刘 艳 欧阳道福 刘洪霞 谷瑞增 魏 颖
    2019, 27(2):39-44.
    [Abstract](566) [HTML](208) [PDF 405.29 K](488)
    The antioxidant activity and immunoregulationon of three kinds of fruit and vegetable zymotic fluid, which were named A, B and C, were researched. The effect of the three kinds of fruit and vegetable zymotic fluid on ROS level in cell was evaluated by AAPH-induced in HepG2 cells model. To study the immunomodulatory ability, concanavalin A and lipopolysaccharide were used to induce the proliferation of mouse T/B lymphocytes, and lipopolysaccharide was used to induce mouse peritoneal macrophages, detecting phagocytic ability and NO release. The results showed that the three kinds of fruit and vegetable zymotic fluid had strong ability to eliminate ROS in cells, A fruit and vegetable zymotic fluid can make intracellular ROS content as low as 55%. They can improve lymphocyte proliferation ability, phagocytic ability of peritoneal macrophages and promote NO release, A fruit and vegetable zymotic fluid has a maximum NO release of 4.06 μmol/L at dilution ratio of 104. These results indicated that the three kinds of fruit and vegetable zymotic fluid have good antioxidant activity and enhance immune function.
    9  Determination of cadmium, lead and total arsenic in grain samples by semi-digestion suspension injection
    唐 懿 李贵友 杨 微
    2019, 27(2):45-49.
    [Abstract](619) [HTML](189) [PDF 343.27 K](602)
    The semi-digestion conditions of grain sample, choice of suspension solution, temperature programmed conditions of graphite furnace and interference of matrix were studied. The method to detect the content of Cd, Pb and As in food samples by semi-digestion suspension sample injection- graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry was founded. The results showed that by the standard addition method, the sample was semi-digested at low temperature with suspension solution (0.2% HNO3 + 0.1% Triton X-100). Additional 450 ℃ step of graphite furnace temperature program was increased under air condition to eliminate the sample matrix, the results were satisfied. The relative standard deviation (RSD) of Cd, Pb and As were less than 5%, and their sample detection limit were 0.20, 10.4 and 11.0 g/L, respectively. The content of Cd, Pb and As in national rice standard substance detected by above method was the same with the results of standard material certificate. This method is suitable for rapid determination of Cd, As and Pb in food samples.
    10  Research progress on detoxification of gossypol in cottonseed meal and the effects of free gossypol on the performance of laying hens
    王 丽 王薇薇 周 航 王永伟 李爱科 刘宽博 宋 丹 成俊林
    2019, 27(2):50-54.
    [Abstract](577) [HTML](212) [PDF 240.09 K](585)
    China is rich in cottonseed meal resources, which contains high-quality protein with more than 40% of crude protein content and high amount of amino acid. However, it contains free gossypol (FG), a antinutrient, which seriously limits its utilization in feed industry. Laying hens can catch a series of untoward effect if being fed cottonseed meal for a long time. The toxicity mechanism of FG and the detoxification methods were summarized, as well as the effects of FG on production performance, egg quality and residual. It provides reference for application of cottonseed meal, and further points out the problems to be solved in the application of cotton meal in livestock and poultry production.
    11  Screening and identification of the strain producing butenyl-spinosyns
    郭 超 赵 晨 黎 琪 张云鹏 王 超 张晓琳
    2019, 27(2):55-61.
    [Abstract](568) [HTML](175) [PDF 644.57 K](573)
    Insecticidal antibiotics, due to their high efficiency and environmental protection, meet the technical requirements of controlling crop diseases and insect during storage. In order to obtain new insecticidal antibiotics, numerous actionmycetes were separated from 162 soil samples collected from different districts by different methods. The high activity strain ASAGF58 was screened out by high throughput fermentation platform and mosquito larvae bioassay. Basing on the 16S rDNA sequencing and the construction of phylogenetic tree, ASAGF58 is preliminarily identified as a kind of Saccharopolyspora. Using HPLC and LC-MS, two bioactive components were extracted from the fermentation broth, whose mass-to-charge ratios were 758.483 8 and 772.471 2, respectively, which was consistent with butenyl- spinosyns, the metabolite of Saccharopolyspora pogona. A strain producing butenyl-spinosyns was obtained, which provided technical reserves for the research and development of efficient and green insecticidal compounds in China.
    12  Simulation study on ventilation effect of three different ventilation ducts in squat silos
    俞晓静 王远成 戚禹康
    2019, 27(2):62-66.
    [Abstract](508) [HTML](208) [PDF 853.22 K](587)
    Based on the theory of flows through porous media and coupled heat and moisture transfer, the momentum equation, energy equation and water conservation equation for interior of grain pile in squat silo were derived. The problems such as natural convection, heat transfer and moisture transfer of stored grain were solved by numerical solution. The ventilation effect of cross ventilation duct, annular ventilation duct and combined (cross and annular type) ventilation duct of squat silo was analyzed by numerical simulation with Fortran language. The results show that air distribution in combined (cross and annular type) ventilation duct are more evenly than that in the other two types of air ducts, which has the best effect of cooling and water conservation, therefore more propitious to the safe storage and energy saving. The result can provide theoretical guidance and basis for the selection and design of ventilation duct for squat silos.
    13  Hazard identification of operation with fire at high site based on LEC method
    郝立群 戴志桐 林 琳 王 赫 任丽辉 张 涛 高玉树 曹 阳
    2019, 27(2):67-72.
    [Abstract](597) [HTML](177) [PDF 342.81 K](605)
    Operation with fire at high site is a common operation in grain storage enterprises. In recent years, due to non-standard operating procedures, high altitude falling, electric shock, fire and other production safety accidents occur frequently. Among them, the main hazards are operation without scheme, examination and approval documents, bare wire, low-voltage power grid, high-voltage power grid touchable at operation site and combustible and explosive materials within the range of spark without being cleaned. In order to raise the operators’ awareness of the risks on operation with fire at high site, effectively improve the safety awareness of operators, identify the hazards and determine the risk level, some measures were carried out, including to clean site, wear protective articles, use safe instruments, equip with firefighting equipment, eliminate the unsafe behavior of people, unsafe state of object, bad environment, management defect. The purpose is achieving the prevention and control of hazard sources in operation with fire at high site, ensuring the safety of the operators,preventing or reducing the similar production safety accidents.
    14  Study on grain logistics node of “Belt and Road” in Yunnan
    杨蕙铭 李 辉 曹 阳
    2019, 27(2):73-78.
    [Abstract](565) [HTML](179) [PDF 305.44 K](470)
    Food security not only depends on the simple balance between food supply and demand, but the establishment of food logistics system. The grain logistics node system of “Belt and Road”in Yunnan is analyzed by SWOT method, and policy measures and suggestions are proposed.
    15  Discussion on the theory and model of integrative development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural area
    2019, 27(2):79-82.
    [Abstract](505) [HTML](167) [PDF 165.64 K](519)
    The industrial chain theory, comparative advantage theory, supply-side structural reform and integrative development theory of primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural area were systematically analyzed and discussed. The model of the integrative development was put forward, which provides systematic theoretical and policy support for the integrative development.

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