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Volume 27,Issue 1,2019 Table of Contents

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  • 1  Development trend of precise nutrition and healthy food of grain and oil
    2019, 27(1):1-5. DOI: 10.16210/j.cnki.1007-7561.2019.01.001
    [Abstract](691) [HTML](320) [PDF 2.94 M](1087)
    Healthy China is a great development strategy of our country, which is expounded in the aspects of healthy China's 2030 key indicators, main measures, and Chinese dietary guide construction. The development trend of the precise nutrition healthy food was prospected from the development stage of nutritional healthy food, the change of disease spectrum in China, the year by year rising of chronic non-communicable diseases, the urgent demand on food nutrition science supporting by the systematic foundation database, and so on. The integration innovative development on the whole chain is becoming a new model of innovative development on the industry of the precise nutrition and grain & oil healthy food. Some suggestions were raised on development of the precise nutrition and health food in China.
    2  Problems and technology approaches on the development of grain storage and logistics()
    2019, 27(1):6-13. DOI: 10.16210/j.cnki.1007-7561.2019.01.002
    [Abstract](888) [HTML](179) [PDF 182.79 K](893)
    The problems existing in the development of grain storage and logistics technology, and its technical approaches were analyzed, guiding by grain market demand and its consumption. The problems are mainly on the quality control and the functional requirements of warehouse facilities. The concept of green, ecology, high quality, and high efficiency was discussed. It was emphasized that the quality control on the grain storage and logistics should be reinforced, the development technical approaches to the purpose and the baseline of grain storage and logistics should be guarded, the requirement of quality control on the grain technology should be refined, and the quality control technology of grain harvest source should be strengthened. The research on green ecological pest control technology, low-temperature grain storage technology, and functional warehouse type and functional structure was discussed, as well as the management of grain and oil storage technology, to continuously improve the refined management of the grain storage and logistics enterprises.
    3  Research progress on the changes of vitamin B content during noodle processing
    屈凌波 吴立根 刘跃进 刘 威
    2019, 27(1):14-16. DOI: 10.16210/j.cnki.1007-7561.2019.01.003
    [Abstract](544) [HTML](188) [PDF 97.66 K](794)
    The change of vitamin B content in staple food products noodle during processing and storage was summarized, as well as reports on noodle’s nutrition, detection methods both domestic and abroad. Some suggestions, including enhance detection in the processing link and storage and transportation links, were proposed in order to guide the production.
    4  Study on principal component analysis of influence of potato flour on noodle quality
    杨 健 康建平 张星灿 刘 建 华苗苗 钟雪婷 白菊红
    2019, 27(1):17-23. DOI: 10.16210/j.cnki.1007-7561.2019.01.004
    [Abstract](771) [HTML](305) [PDF 264.10 K](1062)
    The effect of potato flour on noodles quality was investigated by detecting the properties of gluten, cooking properties, texture properties and sensory evaluation of noodles added with different proportions of potato flour and evaluating comprehensively by principal component analysis. The results showed that with the increase of the total amount of potato flour, the color of the noodles trended to dark red and the gluten content gradually decreased. The cooking properties, texture properties and sensory quality of the noodles increased first then decreased, which indicated that appropriate amount of potato could improve the eating quality of the noodles to some extent. Three principal component factors affecting noodle quality were determined by principal component analysis, which cumulative contribution rate reached 88.35%. It provides data support for the further development of high-content potato flour noodles.
    5  Study on optimization of the technological formulation of pentosan cookie by response surface method
    张 强 赵卉珉 梁 进
    2019, 27(1):24-29. DOI: 10.16210/j.cnki.1007-7561.2019.01.005
    [Abstract](598) [HTML](322) [PDF 5.02 M](2643)
    In order to improve the production process of traditional cookies, the optimal process formula of cookie with pentosan was explored. The effect of pentosan powder and soft sugar and baking time on the quality of cookies were determined by single factor test. The quality of the products were analyzed by the experiment designed by Box-Behnken. The result showed that the optimal formula of the cookies was: the percentage of pentose 10.85%, soft sugar 27.58% and baking time 18.93min. The pentosan cookie not only has the crisp and sweet taste of traditional cookies, but has the effect of dietary fiber of pentosan, which was complement for human body.
    6  Research on the relationship between tooth profile parameters and power consumption of roller mill
    黄奇鹏 武文斌 李 聪 林冬华 孟 乐
    2019, 27(1):30-33. DOI: 10.16210/j.cnki.1007-7561.2019.01.006
    [Abstract](690) [HTML](248) [PDF 380.97 K](728)
    Based on the analysis of the relationship between granularity of ground material and the tooth profile parameter of roller mill, Bond theory of power dissipation was selected to study power consumption of the roller mill. It showed that power consumption was affected by flute profile, material characteristics, roller speed, roll length, roll clearance, grinding time and the particle sizes before and after grinding. The relational graph of power consumption with tooth depth in break system was drawn up by Matlab and simplified properly, taking Ⅰ~Ⅳ break system as the research object, with roll clearance of 0.8, 0.6, 0.4, 0.2 mm, respectively. The results showed that the power consumption increased gradually with the increase of the wear extent of flute. When the wear reached a certain degree, the power consumption changed sharply. Since power consumption is one of the important indicators to judge whether the roller needs drawbench or to be changed, the power consumption mathematic model based on Bond theory provides reference for further study on the relationship between wear of tooth roller and energy consumption.
    7  Research on extraction of peanut protein concentrate by pretreatment of peanut meal with Viscozyme L
    于丽娜 齐宏涛 彭娅萍 杨伟强 孙 杰 张初署 毕 洁 王明清
    2019, 27(1):34-40. DOI: 10.16210/j.cnki.1007-7561.2019.01.007
    [Abstract](574) [HTML](235) [PDF 4.32 M](752)
    In order to optimize the preparation process conditions of peanut protein concentrate by Viscozyme L pretreatment combined with ethanol washing method, the influence of preparation process conditions on protein quantity percentage and extraction rate was investigated by single factor experiments and response surface methodology with peanut meal as the raw material. The results showed that the optimum conditions obtained were enzyme dosage 6.1 FBG/g, pH value 4.2, enzyme hydrolysis temperature 43 ℃ and time 4.5 h, respectively. Under the optimum conditions, the verification experiment values of protein quantity percentage and extraction rate were 73.21%±0.59% and 85.23%±0.67%, respectively. The difference between the predicted values and the verified values was less than 1%, which provided a new way for further development and utilization of peanut meal.
    8  Effect of compound emulsifier on the edible quality of reforged brown rice
    高 扬 管立军 李家磊 张志宏 王崑仑 严 松 卢淑雯
    2019, 27(1):41-45. DOI: 10.16210/j.cnki.1007-7561.2019.01.008
    [Abstract](577) [HTML](215) [PDF 446.99 K](692)
    The effect of soybean lecithin, glyceryl monostearate (GMS), sucrose fatty acid ester (SE), both monomer and compound, on the edible quality of reforged brown rice was studied by detecting cooked rice dispersion rate and texture. The results showed that emulsifier monomer had positive effect on the edible quality, and their compound even better than them. The optimal ratio was soybean lecithin 0.6%, GMS 0.2% and SE 0.5%. The cooked rice dispersion rate and texture characteristics of reforged brown rice was improved obviously after adding compound emulsifier.
    9  Effect of sterilization time on the quality of fresh sweet corn
    刘海东 李文瀚 李喜宏 刘紫韫 张 彪
    2019, 27(1):46-49. DOI: 10.16210/j.cnki.1007-7561.2019.01.009
    [Abstract](592) [HTML](156) [PDF 971.06 K](734)
    The effect of 121°C back pressure sterilization time on changes of storage quality of fresh sweet corn was researched with fresh sweet corn as the test material, L* value, moisture content, soluble solid content (TSS content), total number of bacterial colony and sensory quality as scores, with nitrogen-filled packing. The results showed that after 60 days storage at room temperature, for the group treated by back pressure sterilization for 40 min, the total number of bacterial colony was 1.9 lg CFU/g, the soluble solids content was 11.3%, the L* value was 65.0, the moisture content was 63.8%, and the sensory score was 23.17, which had the best storage effect overall consideration of the indexes. Microbial growth in fresh sweet corn can be effectively inhibited after being sterilized for 40 min and stored at room temperature. The fresh sweet corn maintain the original quality characteristics, and at the same time the browning process of grain is inhibited, and the decrease of water content and TSS content is slow down.
    10  Simultaneous determination of 9 kinds of plasticizers and 5 kinds of antioxidants in edible vegetable oil by solid phase extraction-gas chromatography
    焦 逊 徐 越 张明岗 徐龙华 徐志祥
    2019, 27(1):47-56. DOI: 10.16210/j.cnki.1007-7561.2019.01.010
    [Abstract](588) [HTML](171) [PDF 331.46 K](726)
    A method for simultaneous determination of 9 kinds of plasticizers and 5 kinds of antioxidants in edible vegetable oil by solid phase extraction (SPE) -gas chromatography (GC) was established and evaluated. The results showed that the limit of detection of the method was 0.024~0.087 mg/kg, and the correlation coefficient R2 ≥ 0.999 1 in the range of 0.1~50 mg/L. The recoveries in food simulation solution and edible vegetable oil were 76.90%~123.35%, and the relative standard deviation (RSD) was 1.47%~8.85%. This method is stable and reliable, and it can be used for simultaneous analysis of multiple plasticizers and antioxidants in edible vegetable oil. Besides, some plasticizers and antioxidants residues were detected in the selected 14 kinds of samples.
    11  Preparation of rice bran polysaccharides by biological enzymes-ultrasonic extraction
    庄绪会 郭伟群 刘玉春 刘诗瑶
    2019, 27(1):57-63. DOI: 10.16210/j.cnki.1007-7561.2019.01.011
    [Abstract](583) [HTML](196) [PDF 441.27 K](711)
    Defatted rice bran was hydrolyzed by amylase, glucoamylase and pepsin to remove starch and protein. Then the rice bran polysaccharides were extracted from the treated defatted rice bran under acidic conditions and basic conditions once respectively. The result showed that defatted rice bran was mixed with distilled water with the ratio of 1∶15 g/mL. The mixture was hydrolyzed by 3% α-amylase for 2 h, 3% glucoamylase for 1 h and 3% pepsin for 1 h to remove starch and protein, extracted for 90 min in acidic and alkaline environments once respectively with ultra-sonic condition as 70 ℃, 200 W. The yield of the rice bran polysaccharides was 8.12%. After freeze-drying, the crude polysaccharides contained 84.2% rice bran polysaccharides, 6.6% crude protein, 2.1% ash and 5.8% water.
    12  Study on equilibrium moisture sorption isotherm and isosteric heat of the potato flour
    文韵漫 李兴军 陈治天 杨 瑾 聂绪恒 王 忻
    2019, 27(1):64-69. DOI: 10.16210/j.cnki.1007-7561.2019.01.012
    [Abstract](622) [HTML](206) [PDF 224.58 K](681)
    The equilibrium moisture content (EMC) and equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) of five kinds of potato flour were determined by static weighing method at range of 10~35 ℃ and RH 11%~96%, respectively. The suitable isotherm fitting equation were determined with polynomial equation, Modified-Guggenheim- Anderson-deBoer (MGAB), Modified-Halsey (MHAE), and Modified-Oswin (MOE). The maximum allowable moisture content of potato flour during storage was analyzed by polynomial equations, the absolute safe moisture was 10.05% wet basis (w.b.) at 25 ℃ and 60%ERH, and the relative safe moisture was 12.64% at 25 ℃ and 70% ERH. The isosteric heat of sorption of potato flour decreased parabolically and rapidly with the increase of the moisture content to17.5%. Then the isosteric heat decreased slowly with the increase of moisture content. When moisture content was 22%, the isosteric heat of moisture sorption of potato flour was close to that of pure water.
    13  Study on safety protection distance of phosphine fumigation and exhausting operation in high & large warehouse
    张 涛 刘帅冰 李 娜 陈 鑫 曹 阳 高玉树
    2019, 27(1):70-74. DOI: 10.16210/j.cnki.1007-7561.2019.01.013
    [Abstract](747) [HTML](323) [PDF 239.27 K](1126)
    In recent years, the safety accidents in warehouses caused by fumigation and exhaust have attracted great attention by people from grain industry and society. But there are few literature reports on safety during fumigation and exhaust operation, which needs to be further researched and pay more attention. The concentration of phosphine both inside and outside of the warehouse were detected in real warehouse experiment during fumigation and exhaust operation to explore the effective safety protection distance and protective measures, in order to provide reference for strengthening safety precautions against the safety accidents, reducing or avoiding personal injury and economic loss. The results show that the safety protection distance is related to the concentration of phosphine gas in the warehouse (in the grain pile), and the fixed safety protection distance can not be used as the basis to judge whether it is safe or not. The concentration of phosphine must be detected before approaching the fumigation area.
    14  Hazard identification of grain scraper based on LEC method
    郝立群 戴志桐 林 琳 王 赫 任丽辉 张 涛 高玉树 曹 阳
    2019, 27(1):75-78. DOI: 10.16210/j.cnki.1007-7561.2019.01.014
    [Abstract](577) [HTML](167) [PDF 120.33 K](738)
    Grain scraper is one of the mechanical equipment frequently used by grain storage enterprises. In recent years, mechanical injury, electric shock and other production safety accidents are often caused due to illegal operation, improper maintenance and management. Among them, the main hazards are that there are dust and sundries in the power distribution box of grain scraper, the balance weight does not meet the requirements of equipment, the lack of protective cover, the damage of the distribution box and the junction box of the motor, and the insensitivity of the leakage protection or even without the leakage protection device. In order to improve the operators' awareness of the danger and operational risk of the scraper, and enhance the safety awareness of the operators, the measures are adopted, including to identify the hazard and determine the risk level, to develop operation and equipment movement plan respectively, to clean dust and debris in time, to balance equipment counterweight, to maintain or replace the trouble parts, and to set the warning labels and so on. Therefore to prevent and control the hazards caused by grain scraper, prolong the service life of equipment, ensure the safety of the workers prevent or reduce the similar production safety accidents.

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