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Volume 26,Issue 6,2018 Table of Contents

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  • 1  Effect of complex proteins on the properties of textured wheat protein
    刘 明 蒋华彬 刘艳香 谭 斌 田晓红 于国萍
    2018, 26(6):1-6.
    [Abstract](535) [HTML](173) [PDF 163.19 K](664)
    The effect the ratio of wheat protein, soybean protein isolate, peanut protein, pea protein on the properties of high moisture textured wheat protein were explored by mixture design of simplex lattice, and the comprehensive evaluation of textured wheat protein was obtained by factor analysis. The regression model of the ratio of raw materials and comprehensive score was obtained, and the optimal ratio of wheat protein∶peanut protein∶pea protein = 0.655∶0.135∶0.21.
    2  Optimization of process of pancake made of sweet buckwheat superfine powder by response surface
    王平平 杨芙莲
    2018, 26(6):7-13.
    [Abstract](485) [HTML](174) [PDF 4.38 M](672)
    The ratio of buckwheat flour to wheat flour and the range of the addition of water, egg and salt was determined by single factor test. The formula of sweet buckwheat pancakes made of superfine flour was optimized by response surface test with sensory as the evaluation standard. The results showed that the optimal formula of sweet buckwheat pancakes was: buckwheat flour: flour was 7∶3, 160% of water, and the proportion of egg and salt in the pancake is 16.0% and 1.1% of the total weight, respectively. The pancakes were soft and delicate, which has a unique buckwheat flavor and abundantly nutritional value.
    3  Effect of Lingwu long jujube flesh on the baking quality and texture characteristics of biscuit
    刘紫韫 李喜宏 李文瀚 朱 刚 汤 尧 班兆军
    2018, 26(6):14-18.
    [Abstract](499) [HTML](291) [PDF 346.92 K](1042)
    The biscuits were made of Lingwu long jujube as the main raw material, low-gluten flour, butter, corn oil, white granulated sugar and baking powder as the auxiliary materials. The effect of the addition of Lingwu long jujube flesh (0 g、15 g、30 g、45 g、60 g、75 g) on baking quality and related physical characteristics of the biscuits were studied. The results showed that adding proper amount of Lingwu long jujube flesh not only improved the sensory quality of biscuits, but also improved the texture, water absorption and color. The biscuits had improvement in sensory quality with low dosage of Lingwu long jujube flesh, but when the adding amount exceeded 45 g, the sensory quality of biscuit decreased. The addition of Lingwu long jujube flesh promoted the hardness and chewiness of the biscuits, and the elasticity had a downward trend. The viscosity and water absorption of the biscuits increased first and then decreased, and the effect on the color value of the biscuit was less. The comprehensive analysis of the addition of Lingwu long jujube flesh with 30~45 g was suitable. In this condition, the biscuits had rich aroma, delicate taste with sour and sweet, suitable brightness and brown-yellow color. All the related physical characteristics were improved compared with ordinary cookies.
    4  Research progress of Xinjiang characteristic flour product “nang”
    孙 含 王 晶 赵晓燕 刘红开 张晓伟 吴祥庭
    2018, 26(6):19-24.
    [Abstract](563) [HTML](151) [PDF 256.15 K](797)
    “Nang” was an ancient Uyghur cuisine. The processing of “nang” was as follows: coarse cereals flour or wheat flour with salt and leaven were mixed with water. The mixture was kneaded into the smooth dough. After fermented, the dough was made into a cake base and baked at high temperature. It was one of the most representative national agricultural products on "the Belt and Road." As product with national characteristics, there was less comprehensive research on “nang”, and the development of “nang” and the factors that affect the quality of “nang” also lack systematic introduction. The development of “nang” was introduced systematically from the perspective of historical development. The effect factors on “nang” quality were analyzed in detail. It provides theoretical basis for relevant researchers.
    5  Research on mathematical model and influence factors of wear of roller
    黄奇鹏 武文斌 李 聪 孟 乐 林冬华
    2018, 26(6):25-28.
    [Abstract](574) [HTML](164) [PDF 284.07 K](705)
    According to the relation curve of wear extent of roller- time, the influencing factors and the changing trend of dimensionless friction coefficient were analyzed. According to the basic principles of tribology, the single grain flour as the research object, the pressure between the rolls of roller mill during grinding, slippage and rolling amount were calculated in order to deduce the wear and tear amount after turn N rotations. A mathematical model of flute depth and surface wear of the roller was established with Buhler MDDK 1000/250 roller mill at IB process section as research object. According to the mathematical model, the relationship among variables was studied with the total wear amount, frontal angle and obtuse angle as independent variables, and the wear extent of flute as dependent variable, which provides a theoretical reference for the study of the wear.
    6  Study on the antioxidant effect of 3 kinds of antioxidants on chaenomeles sinensis seed oil
    纪 桢 许佳林 白巧秀 孟现星
    2018, 26(6):29-32.
    [Abstract](530) [HTML](157) [PDF 937.08 K](671)
    The antioxidantive effect of propyl gallate (PG), vitamin E and the mixture of butylhydroxyanisole (BHA) and dibutylhydroxytoluene (BHT) (BB, mole ratio 1∶1) on chaenomeles sinensis seed oil (CSSO) were investigated by Schaal-oven method, and their capacities of DPPH scavenging free radical were studied. The results showed that BB had the strongest antioxidant activity, followed by VE and PG. In the short time, DPPH free radical scavenging rate showed that BB> VE > PG in both polar part and nonpolar part of CSSO. Therefore, BB was the most suitable antioxidant for the oil.
    7  Study on the synthesis of polyglycerol catalyzed by KF/ZrO2/Fe3O4 magnetic solid base
    张星星 胡志雄 黄 露 张维农 齐玉堂
    2018, 26(6):33-37.
    [Abstract](521) [HTML](148) [PDF 1.41 M](760)
    KF/ZrO2/Fe3O4 magnetic solid base catalyst was prepared by impregnation method, which loading alkali source KF on composite magnetic carrier ZrO2/Fe3O4. Its structure and properties were characterized by scanning transmission electron microscope, specific surface test and the determination of base strength and alkali content; its catalytic effect was also evaluated according to the synthesis of polyglycerol. The results showed that this magnetic solid base catalyst belongs to solid strong base with KF alkaline center in the surface, pH between 11.1~15.0 and total alkali 0.2 mmol/g. During synthesis of polyglycerol, the catalyst shows good catalytic performance such as mild reaction condition, moderate polymerization degree, products with light color, easily separate product from the catalysis, which indicates high application value and economic value.
    8  Study on the quality and energy consumption of instant noodles microwave freeze dried by pulse spouted bed
    王玉川 王 博 王义祥 童 冉 徐晶晶 张 慜
    2018, 26(6):38-44.
    [Abstract](520) [HTML](164) [PDF 2.09 M](856)
    The quality, energy consumption and comparative analysis of pulse spouted bed microwave freeze-dried (PSBMFD) noodles and traditional electric heating freeze-dried (CFD) noodles were determined using wet noodles as the experimental material. The results showed that the rehydration time, rehydration ratio and hardness values of PSBMFD noodles before and after rehydration were 150 s, 3.07, 4 692.36 g and 520.45 g respectively. The uniformity of moisture content, color difference and shrinkage ratio of PSBMFD noodles were 94.51%, 94.31% and 92.23% respectively. The aggregate score of sensory evaluation, drying time and total energy consumption of PSBMFD noodles were 8.2, 3.5 h and 8.05 kWh/kg respectively. PSBMFD technology can effectively improve the uniformity and quality of freeze-dried noodles. Furthermore, PSBMFD significantly shortened the drying time (58.83%) and reduced the energy consumption of freeze- dried noodles (66.63%) compared to CFD.
    9  Germination conditions of sesame and changes of antioxidant components content
    庞静静 王 磊 庞景生 杨忠欣 赵利宁 郄文彬
    2018, 26(6):45-48.
    [Abstract](487) [HTML](158) [PDF 299.66 K](724)
    The optimal germination conditions of sesame and the change of main antioxidant composition in sesame during germination were researched with Vitamin E and sesame lignan as evaluation indexes by single-factor, orthogonal array design and correlation analysis methods. The results showed that the optimal germination conditions of sesame was: the ratio of sesame to water was 50∶50 g/g, temperature 35 ℃,and germination time 8 h. Under the optimized conditions, the content of sesame lignan reached to 748.83 mg/100 g, which increased by 5.39% compared with before. Correlation analysis showed that sesame lignan was positively correlated with Vitamin E. The content of Vitamin E reached to 546.3 mg/kg, which increased by 4.50% compared with before.
    10  Determination of calcium in sesame seeds, peanuts and walnuts by microwave digestion with standard addition direct reading method
    高向阳 高遒竹 姚艳苹
    2018, 26(6):49-53.
    [Abstract](543) [HTML](291) [PDF 528.82 K](946)
    A new, rapid, simple, accurate analysis method to detect calcium in foods was established. Some oily nuts were selected as samples, dissolved by microwave, and detected by ion selective electrode and standard concentration direct reading method. The results indicated that the conversion coefficient of calcium electrode was 98.61% and the relative standard deviation was less than 4%. The method is rapid, simple, direct reading, low cost and less sample consumption. It provides a new analytical technique for the determination of calcium in foods. The method has a strong creative and application value.
    11  Research progress in detection of mycotoxins by chromatography
    徐一达 袁 晓 王海鸣 孙秀兰
    2018, 26(6):54-61.
    [Abstract](534) [HTML](142) [PDF 5.31 M](796)
    Chromatography is widely used in components separation and detection. Since mycotoxins display toxicity even at low concentration, they can be separated and detected in trace by chromatography. Different chromatography methods were applied according to the characteristics of the mycotoxins. Thin layer chromatography (TLC) is suitable for rapid qualitative of mycotoxins. Gas chromatography (GC) prefers to detect the mycotoxins after derivatization and vaporization. Liquid chromatography (LC) is only applied to analyze the mycotoxins with or without derivatization which were of ultraviolet and fluorescence absorption, while for those without ultraviolet and fluorescence absorption use mass spectrometry detector. The features of the qualitative and quantitative analysis on mycotoxins were introduced, which provides a theoretical basis for the subsequent use of chromatographic method in application of detection on mycotoxins, especially synchronous detection of multiple mycotoxins in samples.
    12  Application of ISO 22000 in the production of non fermented soybean products
    杨金平 李海波
    2018, 26(6):62-67.
    [Abstract](515) [HTML](167) [PDF 232.46 K](627)
    Safety and hygiene of products are the basis for enterprises to survive. As a scientific and effective management method, ISO 22000 system can play an active role in the production of non fermented soybean products. According to the standard of ISO 22000 food safety management system, using the quality management principle of hazard analysis and key control point (hazard analysis critical control point, HACCP), the potential hazards in the production of non fermented soybean products are analyzed from five aspects of human, machine, material, method and ring, and the corresponding preventive measures and monitoring are put forward. Methods and the corresponding control measures are made. Three critical control points were determined, which were raw material inspection, cooking and mixing, so do critical limits and corrective measures. At the same time, by making the operational premise scheme (operational prerequisite program, OPRP) and HACCP work plan, the food safety management system model of non fermented soybean products is established, which conforms to the ISO 22000 system. According to the verification of relevant management elements, the corresponding management requirements was put forward by the principle of HACCP. To minimize food safety hazards, better guarantee the safety of non fermented soybean products, reduce the cost of enterprise management and improve the economic benefit, the operational preconditions was formulated combined dynamicly and complementarily with critical control points in HACCP.
    13  Adsorption characteristics of seabuckthorn seed biochar on phenol
    张 娱 帕合热叶•卡哈尔 唐志书 宋忠兴 王 春
    2018, 26(6):68-72.
    [Abstract](404) [HTML](149) [PDF 333.41 K](366)
    Seabuckthorn seed was used as raw material to prepare biochar adsorbent at 300, 400 and 500 ℃, which were named BC300, BC400 and BC500, whose effect on removing phenol was detected. The results of adsorption experiments showed that the preparation temperature of biochar significantly affects its adsorption effect on phenol. The adsorption capacity of three kinds of biochar was BC500> BC400> BC300. In addition,the initial concentration of phenol, the temperature and time of adsorption can also affect the adsorption result. When the initial concentration of phenol was 20 mg/L and the adsorption temperature was 45 ℃, the removal rate of phenol was up to 92.1% by BC500. The sorption isotherm of phenol in biochar conform to Langmuir mode and Freundlich mode. The results showed the method of preparing biochar adsorbent and the optimum condition of phenol removal from aquous solution by seabuckthorn seed dregs, thus providing a theoretical basis for removal of organic pollutants such as phenol.
    14  Application of convolutional neural network in image recognition of stored grain insects
    桂 便 祝玉华 甄 彤
    2018, 26(6):73-76.
    [Abstract](512) [HTML](169) [PDF 421.60 K](603)
    Based on the technical requirement in the field of stored-grain insect image recognition nowadays, aiming at the complex network structure and low recognition rate of the existing stored-grain insect image recognition algorithm, convolutional neural network is introduced to realize the image recognition of stored-grain insect. The development process of convolutional neural network is briefly introduced, its network structure is analyzed. Five kinds of stored-grain insects are selected as training samples. The process of image recognition of stored-grain insects is analyzed. The Alexnet model based on convolutional neural network is obtained by the test, which accuracy reaches to 97.62%. It shows that the image recognition of stored grain insects based on CNN has higher accuracy rate.
    15  Study on grain loading process in high & large warehouse based on ant colony algorithm
    廖 敏 许艾明 黄小平 董德良 王 霜 李晓亮
    2018, 26(6):77-83.
    [Abstract](532) [HTML](217) [PDF 5.01 M](614)
    A mechanized grain loading process for high & large warehouse was provided in order to solve some common problems such as difficulty in moving loading machine, poor efficiency and less loading volume. The optimization of related parameters of loading process were analyzed through field research in grain depots of Sinograin. The mathematical model of multi-objective optimization for the process was proposed according to loading volume, grain surface roughness and number of working position. Based on ant colony algorithm, optimal algorithm flowchart and its relative parameters were defined. Finally, loading process simulations were performed by using MATLAB tools for programming to get the optimal process of movable grain loading machine aiming at the warehouse with size of 30×24 m2. The simulation results showed that the optimal process conformed to manual loading. Loading volume and grain surface roughness were the same with actual loading results by using the optimal process, which reduced the number of loading working position and movement of loading machine, therefore improved working efficiency and reduce labor intensity.
    16  Investigation on species and distribution of insects and mites in stored grain in Hebei province
    李 娜 周国磊 贺培欢 伍 祎 张 涛
    2018, 26(6):84-89.
    [Abstract](570) [HTML](158) [PDF 227.50 K](653)
    Stored grain insects and mites were investigated in 25 spots, including grain depots, food and oil processing factories and famers’ granary which were located in 4 prefecture-level cities, Zhangjiakou, Shijiazhuang, Handan and Qinhuangdao, in Hebei province on Aug, 2016. Altogether 38 species belong to 5 orders of insect were found, in which there were 29 species of 16 families belonging to Coleoptera, 4 species of 4 families belonging to Hymenoptera, 3 species of 3 families belonging to Lepidoptera, 1specie of 1 family belonging to Hemiptera. And 7 species of 5 families belonging to 3 orders of stored grain mites were collected. The result showed the most widespread species of insect pests investigated in Hebei were Liposcelis bostrychophila Badonnel, Oryzaephilus surinamensis (Linnaeus), Cryptolestes ferrugineus (Stephens), Cryptolestes turcicus (Grouville), Tribolium castaneum (Herbst), Rhyzoperthadominica (Fabricius), Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky, and Sitophilus oryzae (Linnaeus). In addition, parasitoids including Lariophagus distinguendus(Duftschmid)etc. were distributed widely too.
    17  Application of information technology in grain logistics system
    甄 彤 姚文凤 吕宗旺 祝玉华
    2018, 26(6):90-93.
    [Abstract](408) [HTML](143) [PDF 123.48 K](488)
    With the rapid development of China's economy, people's requirements for material life are also constantly rising. People not only expect have enough food and clothe but also with good quality and higher standard of diet. Obviously, this change has raised high requirements and high standards for food logistics transportation. As is known to all, the reform of food logistics system is inseparable from the development of information technology. The application prospect of advanced information technology in food logistics system was mainly introduced.

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