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Volume 26,Issue 4,2018 Table of Contents

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  • 1  Study on properties of germinated brown rice flour dough and its bread quality
    吴娜娜 王娜 谭斌 翟小童 田晓红 刘明
    2018, 26(4):1-5.
    [Abstract](743) [HTML](195) [PDF 5.43 M](606)
    The rheological properties of dough mixed with germinated brown rice flour and wheat gluten and the quality of bread were studied. Brown rice was germinated for 0, 12, 24, 36, 48 h, respectively, and the addition of gluten was 20%. The results showed that the elasticity modulus and viscous modulus of the dough decreased with the increase of germinating time. The SEM results showed that the homogeneous and compact structure of the dough was formed by germinating time of 12 h and 24 h, and the structure was broken after 24 h. The specific volume, elasticity and resilience of the bread decreased, and the hardness of the bread decreased at first and then increased with the increase of germinating time. The hardness of the bread was lower, and specific volume, elasticity, and resilience were higher at germinating time of 12 h and 24 h. Sensory score of the bread prepared from 12 h germinated brown rice was the highest among all the samples. Thus, the quality of germinated brown rice bread was the best at germinating time of 12 h.
    2  Study onmoisture variation and migration during tempering
    2018, 26(4):6-12.
    [Abstract](652) [HTML](249) [PDF 5.65 M](929)
    The purpose of tempering is to change the moisture content of wheat and improve the processing quality of grain. Three kinds of representative domestic wheat (soft, medium and hard) were used as experimental materials, and the temperature gradient was set, and the water state change under different conditions was studied by using low-field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology; the water migration patterns under different conditions were studied by nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI).The results showed that: T21 and A21 of the samples showed a significant upward trend under different tempering temperature; T22, A22 first decreased and then increased; T23 was positively correlated with temperature, and A23 reached the peak at the preliminary stage of tempering then decreased gradually. NMRI showed that there were two major pathways of moisture and one ancillary path in wheat kernel. One was moisture diffused through the nucellar layer into the germ line, the other was moisture infiltrated through the cell wall of the aleurone layer; the auxiliary path was moisture diffused from the fuzzy end to the endosperm center.
    3  Optimization of formula of crisp biscuit with avicennia marina
    米顺利 谢振发 高程海 邓家刚 易湘茜
    2018, 26(4):13-16.
    [Abstract](718) [HTML](185) [PDF 2.23 M](833)
    The avicennia marina crisp biscuits were made of low-gluten flour, powder of avicennia marina, butter, icing sugar and other ingredients. The product processing technology and the formula was optimized by single factor experiment and orthogonal experiment with sensory score as index. The results showed that the optimal formula of the crisp biscuit was: low gluten flour 100 g, butter 50 g, icing sugar 40 g, avicennia marina powder 10 g, salt 0.5 g, whole milk powder 1 g, egg liquid 12 g, baking powder 2 g, water 35 g. According to the above formula, the crisp biscuit with avicennia marina has the advantages of uniform colour, crisp taste, strong fragrance, moderate sweetness and highest sensory score. The hardness is (1 076.0 ± 12.8)g, the cohesion is 0.23 ± 0.01 and the elasticity is(0.2 ± 0.007)mm, the chewiness is (0.8 ± 0.012)mJ.
    4  Research advances on producing technology of pumpkin see oil
    李晓宁 薛雅琳 郭咪咪 李秀娟 张东 朱琳 王雅朦
    2018, 26(4):17-21.
    [Abstract](597) [HTML](219) [PDF 3.01 M](754)
    There are three kinds of method to extract oil from pumpkin seed which are squeeze, extraction and aqueous enzymatic extraction. The technologies, advantages and disadvantages of each method were comprehensively discussed based on the classification. The future research direction of the oil extraction technology of pumpkin seed was prospected, in order to provide support for obtaining high-quality pumpkin seed oil and propel development of pumpkin seed oil industry.
    5  Study on preparation of grandma cuisine with blend oil and the quality
    季敏 刘忠义 张剑 阳洋 廖腊梅 杨峻豪
    2018, 26(4):22-26.
    [Abstract](535) [HTML](252) [PDF 2.78 M](523)
    Precooked grandma cuisine was processed with blend oil mixed by several kinds of vegetable oil including palm oil. The ratio of each oil, the oxidative stability and the content of carotene and VE of grandma cuisine was studied. The results showed that the optimal ratio of blended oil of palm oil mixed with soybean oil was soybean oil 14%, palm super olein (slip melting point 5 ℃) 9%, palm olein (slip melting point 18 ℃) 2% and red palm olein 0.2%. The grandma cuisine processed with the optimum blended oil ratio had good comprehensive sensory quality and oxidative stability.The carotene content and the total content of tocopherol and tocotrienol were 1.82 μg/g and 19.42 μg/g respectively. The blended oil of palm oil and soyabean oil was confirmed as excellent oil for industrialize processing grandma cuisine.
    6  Effect of different packaging material on the quality of rice
    张红建 谢更祥 邹易 赵阔 陈艳 郑联合
    2018, 26(4):27-30.
    [Abstract](609) [HTML](200) [PDF 2.96 M](522)
    Rice was packed by different barrier material with vacuum packing.The relationship between rice quality and time in high temperature and high humidity conditions was studied with moisture content, fatty acid value, amylose content, chewiness, adhesion as evaluation indexes.The results indicated that the high-barrier material such as PA/EVOH/PE could reduce the effect of bad environment on the moisture content of rice, delay the change of fatty acid value and amylose content, reduce the rate of the decrease of the adhesion, and keep the rice chewiness in relatively stable. As result, high-barrier material could effectively delay the quality deterioration of rice and extend the rice storage period in high temperature and high humidity conditions.
    7  Extraction of oat protein isolate and determination of the functionality
    李玉娥 王愈 陈振家
    2018, 26(4):31-35.
    [Abstract](630) [HTML](259) [PDF 3.30 M](1054)
    Oat protein isolate was extracted by alkali extraction acid precipitation with naked oat as raw material. The protein extraction rate was 75% under the condition of the ratio of material to liquid 1∶10 g/mL, pH = 8.5(alkali extraction),pH=4.5 (acid precipitation) and T = 20 ℃. The functions, such as the emulsibility, foamability, moisture retention and viscosity of oat protein isolate, were measured under the condition of different pH, ionic strength and concentration. The results showed that the emulsibility, foamability and moisture retention were the lowest near the isoelectric point; the influence of ionic strength on each functional index was different; there was a positive correlation between protein concentration and its viscosity.
    8  Comparative study on the determination of cadmium in grain by ICP-MS and GFAAS
    戴冠苹 高敬铭 张红云 高海军 彭星星 秦祎芳 刘莹
    2018, 26(4):36-39.
    [Abstract](779) [HTML](188) [PDF 1.87 M](882)
    The content of cadmium in grain was determined by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) and graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (GFAAS), which provided a reliable basis for the detection of cadmium in grain. The linear range, detection limit, accuracy, stability, recovery rate and detection time of the two methods were compared. The results showed that the detection limit of ICP-MS was lower than GFAAS, and the detection limits of different grains were different. For the reference material of rice flour, the results were 0.490 mg/kg by GFAAS and 0.474 mg/kg by ICP-MS, and all of them were in the range of standard value. Repeated detection of cadmium in different grains, the results by GFAAS were higher than the results by ICP-MS, the relative standard deviation (RSD) of the two methods were less than 10%. The recovery rate of the two methods were between 95%~105%. Compared with GFAAS, ICP-MS has a lower detection limit, a wider linear range and faster analysis which accuracy and stability can also meet the requirements of cadmium detection in grain, and it is a detection method worth promoting application.
    9  Effect of residual solvent compositions in edible oils on determination of residual solvents
    2018, 26(4):40-44.
    [Abstract](557) [HTML](174) [PDF 2.55 M](702)
    The composition of 6# residual solvent in soybean crude oil and their area percentages were analyzed and determined by gas chromatograph combined with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, which indicated that the difference of the ratio between each batches of the soybean crude oil was significant. The fresh extracted soybean oil was used as the basis material to compound standard mixed solution of component to analyze and calculate the relative mass correction factor between 0.34~0.81. The residual solvents in the different batches of the samples can be precisely measured by using different component as standard solution and applying external standard method to quantitative each component then summation calculation, and verified by paired t-test.
    10  Evaluation of uncertainty in determination of inorganic arsenic in grain by liquid chromatography-atomic fluorescence spectrometry
    刘付英 邵志凌 李彩霞
    2018, 26(4):45-49.
    [Abstract](756) [HTML](184) [PDF 2.26 M](525)
    The uncertainty evaluation in the determination of inorganic arsenic in grain by liquid chromatography-atomic fluorescence spectrometry were evaluated to provide useful reference for establishing effective quality control methods. Based on the principle of uncertainty evaluation, the mathematical model of uncertainty was established and the source of each uncertainty component was analyzed, quantified and synthesized, and the uncertainty of measuring result was evaluated and described. The results showed that the main factors influencing the uncertainty included standard curve fitting of the least square method, and sample recovery rates. The inorganic arsenic content of the experimental determination result was (0.185±0.017) mg /kg.
    11  Optimization of spore production condition of zearalenone-degrading strain ASAGW-10
    刘虎军 常晓娇 王楠希 赵一凡 杜稳 孙长坡
    2018, 26(4):50-54.
    [Abstract](444) [HTML](154) [PDF 4.72 M](454)
    The medium with high sporulation rate and quantity was obtained by selecting medium component, single factor experiment and orthogonal experiment, and the pH and temperature was optimized for the optimal culture condition. The medium and condition were verified in 20 L fermenter and the controlling of pH and fed-batch fermentation was explored. The optimal culture medium was: wheat bran 5 g/L, corn flour 3 g/L, NaCl 5 g/L, KH2PO4 1 g/L, MnSO4·H2O 0.2 g/L and K2HPO4 1.5 g/L. Cultured in shake flask with pH 6, 200 r/min, at 37 ℃ for 21 h, the sporulation rate reached to 91% and sporulation quantity 5.2×10 10 CFU/mL. In larger experiment, cultured in 20 L fermenter with constant pH and fed-batch fermentation, the sporulation rate reached to 95% and sporulation quantity 1.38×10 11 CFU/mL. The production process of the ZEN-degrading strain ASAGW-10 was obtained, which provided the guarantee for the subsequent study on the degrading bacteria and application.
    12  Study on the effect of mixed fermentation on the content of small peptide of perilla seed meal
    田海娟 覃明月 谢黎明 张传智 朱珠
    2018, 26(4):55-58.
    [Abstract](582) [HTML](180) [PDF 2.06 M](412)
    Perilla seed meal was used as raw material, which was mixed fermented by lactic acid kluyveromyces and bacillus coagulans. The process of fermentation was optimized through controlling bacteria ratio,inoculation amount,ratio of solid to water, with the content of small peptides as the index.The results showed that when the ratio of lactic acid kluyveromyces to bacillus coagulans was 1∶1, inoculation amount was 12%, ratio of solid to water was 1∶2.5 g/mL, fermented at 33 ℃ for 2 d, the concentration of small peptides reached to 4.07 mg/mL, which was increased by 26.40% compared with that before fermentation.
    13  Analysis of causes for poor air tightness of new granary in China and solutions
    张来林 李昭 丁永刚 张强 付慧坛 林坤华 李松伟
    2018, 26(4):59-62.
    [Abstract](608) [HTML](172) [PDF 2.18 M](700)
    Based on abundant investigations and practical experiences, reasons for poor air-tightness of granary were analyzed and viable suggestions were provided,including selection of reasonable granary building structure, high-quality outsourcing parts and strict control of construction quality. The measures as “raising technical standard and eliminating the unqualified enterprises, increasing the investment for construction and building high quality granary, strengthening the combination of architectural design and storage technology, abolishing gradually the use of film as air-tightness of granary” were carried out and the supports in the aspects of design, technology and fund were provided for construction of new granary. The problem of using granary film for air-tightness when fumigation or controlled atmosphere storage was resolved properly. Thereby, the traditional air-tightness for granary would be fundamentally changed, and the granary with good quality, high efficiency and low energy consumption will be promoted.
    14  Study on the effect of circumfluent fumigation of phosphine in squat silo
    韩志强 陈亮 郭超 张景 魏小运
    2018, 26(4):63-67.
    [Abstract](815) [HTML](195) [PDF 3.52 M](621)
    The distribution and variation of phosphine concentration in different layers and surface of grain heap, outlet of the squat silo and the pipes of the circumfluent fumigation system were tested by medicating on the surface of grain heap and bilateral circumfluent fumigation. The distribution diffusion rule of phosphine in grain bulk was analyzed. The results showed that the concentration of phosphine in the grain heap of the silo reached a uniformity of 0.6 at sixth day. Although the concentration of phosphinein both sides of the loop pipe reached to over 200 mL/m3 in only 1 ~2 days, while lower than 200 mL/m3 at the bottom outlet of the silo after eight days. Therefore, it is not enough by just detecting the concentration of phosphine in the pipe and on the surface of the grain heap to guarantee the efficacy of fumigation, since it needs quite a long time to achieve uniform of the concentration, which is of great significance for guiding the circumfluent fumigation in the shallow silos and ensuring the effect of fumigation and killing insects, and has great practical value.
    15  Hazard identification of grain loading and unloading operation in warehouse based on LEC method
    高玉树 刘帅冰 曹阳 张涛
    2018, 26(4):68-72.
    [Abstract](525) [HTML](169) [PDF 2.85 M](712)
    In order to solve the five aspects of safe production accident prone phenomenon,such as preparation before work, site management, warehouse cleaning, warehouse management and loading and unloading operation, to raise the awareness of staff about hazard identification during grain handing operation, to ensure the safety of the workers, the LEC method is used to analyze the hazard source during grain handing operation.
    16  Study on hand-held grain detection system for small granary
    李德燕 商晓东 张聪
    2018, 26(4):73-76.
    [Abstract](586) [HTML](193) [PDF 2.76 M](753)
    A hand-held grain inspection system which is suitable for small granary was researched. Unlike traditional large temperature measuring system, the hand-held grain inspection system can detect the temperature and humidity inside of the small granary directly by insert the sensor into the grain heap. The system interface can set agilely the threshold of temperature and humidity and alarm automatically. And it has the function of controlling the fan starting and stopping for emergency, which can be operated according to the measured temperature and humidity. The system has the characteristics of high accuracy, small in size, low cost and convenient operation. It not only meets the needs of the future development of grain service system, but also greatly meets the needs of farmers. It will have great application prospects in grain industry in the future.

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