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Volume 26,Issue 3,2018 Table of Contents

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  • 1  Physicochemical properties of glutinous rice flour and its correlation with the quality of fried glutinous rice ball
    马鹏阔 周显青 张玉荣 李建飞
    2018, 26(3):1-6.
    [Abstract](651) [HTML](185) [PDF 3.24 M](476)
    In order to improve the quality of the fried glutinous rice ball and offer a guideline for the reasonable selection of raw material of the fried glutinous rice ball industrial production, 16 kinds of glutinous rice flour were taken as the research object, the physicochemical properties, including amylose content, crude protein content, crude fat content, damaged starch content, the pasting properties of glutinous rice flour and the quality of the fried glutinous rice ball were determined. At the same time, the effect of the raw material properties of glutinous rice flour on the quality of the fried glutinous rice ball was explored through analyzing the correlation between the quality indexes of glutinous rice flour and the quality of the fried glutinous rice ball. The results showed that the crude protein content of glutinous rice flour was significant negative correlation with the specific volume, color and hardness, and was highly significant negative correlation with the shape and total score of the product, the attenuation value was significant positive correlation with the specific volume score, the peak time and gelatinization temperature were highly significant negative correlation with the specific volume score of the fried glutinous rice ball, the trough viscosity, the final viscosity, and the setback were all significant negative correlation with the outer appearance of the fried glutinous rice ball. Therefore, the crude fat content and gelatinization properties should be considered in the selection of glutinous rice flour. To the glutinous rice flour samples used in this research, the raw material whose crude protein content was less than 6.80%, the attenuation value was higher than 1 282cP, the trough, final viscosity and setback were lower than 1 526cP, 1 950cP and 424cP, the peak time was less than 3.9min, gelatinization temperature was lower than76 ℃ could be used to produce the high quality fried glutinous rice ball.
    2  Effect of gluten on the dough properties of brown rice flour
    吴娜娜 王 娜 谭 斌 田晓红 翟小童 刘 明
    2018, 26(3):7-11.
    [Abstract](610) [HTML](183) [PDF 3.68 M](394)
    The effect of gluten content on the properties of dough prepared from indica brown rice flour was studied, such as flour properties determined by farinograph, thermo-mechanical properties, rheological properties, microstructure, and so on. The results showed that the water absorption, the formation time, the stability time, starch attenuation value and setback of the dough increased gradually along with the increase of gluten content, while the protein softening degree decreased gradually; in addition, both the elasticity modulus and viscosity modulus of the dough increased with the increase of gluten content, and the elastic modulus was higher than the viscous modulus. Scanning electron microscopy analysis showed that gluten network structure was more and more obvious, and the starch particles were embedded in the continuous protein structure, thus the flexibility and the deformation resistance of dough increased with the increase of gluten content.
    3  Analysis of rheological characteristics of mixed flour of millet and wheat in Shanxi
    张桂英 张喜文 申瑞玲 李 萍 杜文娟 姜龙波
    2018, 26(3):12-15.
    [Abstract](635) [HTML](189) [PDF 2.11 M](388)
    The farinograph characteristics and stretchability of the mixed flour of millet and wheat produced in Shanxi province were analyzed and evaluated by principal component and factor analysis methods. The results displayed that the correlation among dough rheological indicators was significant, and the methods were suitable to evaluate the characteristics.By calculating eigenvalue and variance contribution of each component, the accumulative contribution rate of the first two principal components reached 91.18%, the first factor accounted for 73.99% of the total variance, indicating that development time, stability time, degree of softening, water absorption were the characteristic multi-index of the rheolodical properties of the mixed flour. The first two principal components could represent comprehensive information of dough rheology, which showed the processing quality of different variety of millet. Based on the comprehensive scores, the rheological properties of Changnong 35 and Changsheng 07 were good, and Changnong 40, 112 and 113 were poor.
    4  Effect of germinated wheat mixture on the quality of flour and its products
    周延杰 伍 毅 李伍海 周喜满 周彩红 李阿诺
    2018, 26(3):16-21.
    [Abstract](581) [HTML](192) [PDF 2.96 M](443)
    The effect of germinated wheat mixture on the properties of flour, and the quality of steamed bread and noodle was studied. Different proportion of germinated wheat (1%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%) was mixed with ordinary wheat, and the according flour and the products were obtained. The results showed that there was no significant difference on the properties between the flour milled from the mixed wheat and that milled from ordinary wheat, except that the falling number of mixed flour decreased with the increase of the proportion of germinated wheat. Through the cooking experiment of steamed bread and noodle, there was no significant effect on the edible quality of steamed bread and noodle when the content of germinated wheat was less than 15%. Some steamed bread was stuck to the teeth when the content of germinated wheat was over 20%. The toughness of noodle decreased and the rating value of noodle was below 80 when the content of germinated wheat was more than 15%.
    5  Simulation analysis of duct system of rotary multilayer sieve
    王豪东 阮竞兰 张 双
    2018, 26(3):22-26.
    [Abstract](681) [HTML](187) [PDF 6.98 M](386)
    The airflow velocity and airflow direction in the duct of rotary multi-layer sieve were simulated and analyzed by fluid dynamics analysis software FLUENT. By observing and analyzing the velocity cloud chart, it is found that the air velocity in the settling chamber was not stable and too high to settle the light impurities. It was found that the air velocity and air flow distribution in the chamber were affected directly by the dimension of the upper wind shield and the distance between the upper wind shield to the inlet of air. The air velocity in the settling chamber was reduced obviously after being optimized by enlarging the settling chamber, reducing the vortex, therefore improving the impurity sedimentation efficiency and reducing the energy consumption.
    6  Comprehensive utilization and intensive processing of by-products during peanut processing
    郭曼莉 李晓彤 吴 澎 赵路苹 丁秀臻 李向阳
    2018, 26(3):27-31.
    [Abstract](616) [HTML](179) [PDF 3.07 M](382)
    Peanut processing will produce a large number of by-products. The effective utilization and deep processing of by-products will prolong the industrial chain and greatly improve its economic value. The comprehensive utilization and deep processing of the by-products was reviewed in order to provide a theoretical basis for the further development of deep processing products and high value utilization of the by-products resource.
    7  Research progress of extraction methods of cyperuse sculentus oil and its fatty acid composition
    侯朝雷 相 海 曾祥菊 王琦寒 刘印志 姚占斌 郭 芮
    2018, 26(3):32-35.
    [Abstract](699) [HTML](163) [PDF 2.60 M](375)
    Cyperuse sculentus is originated from Africa and Mediterranean coast,and it is a kind of multi-purpose economic crop of oil, grain, feed and fertilizer, with high nutritional value and economic value. Cyperuse sculentus is considered as "the king of oil crops" due to its large yield and high oil ratio since its oil production is much higher than other oil crops under the same planted area. The unsaturated fatty acid of cyperuse sculentus oil accounts for more than 73% of the total fatty acid and mainly ingredient is oleic acid and linoleic acid. Therefore, it has high nutritional value and health function. In recent years, scholars have invented some new oil extraction technology such as aqueous enzymatic extraction, ultrasonic assisted extraction and microbial fermentation besides traditional oil extraction technology. The characteristics of cyperuse sculentus, as well as fatty acid composition and the processing technology of cyperuse sculentus oil, is reviewed and summarized so as to provide reference for the further study of cyperuse sculentus oil.
    8  Effect of superfine whole lentinus edodes powder on properties of dough and quality of steamed bread
    赵玲玲 王文亮 王月明 崔文甲 弓志青 贾凤娟 沈文凤
    2018, 26(3):36-40.
    [Abstract](715) [HTML](173) [PDF 2.79 M](693)
    The effect of superfine whole lentinus edodes powder on the quality of wheat dough and steamed bread was investigated by adding the powder with the amount of 0,2.5%,5%,7.5%,10% into wheat flour. The textural properties and pH values of dough and steamed bread were determined by texture analyzer and pH meter, respectively. The color difference index of steamed bread was measured by automatic colorimeter, and the sensory quality of steamed bread was evaluated. The results revealed that the fermentation property of dough decreased slightly along with the increase of the addition of superfine whole lentinus edodes powder, while the hardness, elasticity, gumminess and resilience of dough increased significantly (P<0.05) and the cohesiveness decreased generally; the hardness, gumminess and chewiness of steamed bread increased significantly (P<0.05), and the elasticity decreased generally (P>0.05). The specific volume and sensory score of steamed bread showed a downward trend, and when the amount added to 5%, the score decreased significantly (P<0.05); the color and sensory evaluation of steamed bread became worse compared with the control group. When making steamed bread with superfine whole lentinus edodes powder, the amount added should be no more than 5%.
    9  Research progress of functional characteristics of buckwheat and development of its products
    吴立根 屈凌波 王岸娜 周素梅
    2018, 26(3):41-44.
    [Abstract](557) [HTML](180) [PDF 2.39 M](730)
    Research on buckwheat at home and abroad focus on analysis and extraction of its nutritional components and active material, especially on the extraction and the physicochemical properties of the flavonoids and polyphenol in buckwheat.Many researchers involve in the exploitation of buckwheat food, including staple food such as steamed bread, noodles and bread,drink such as beverage, beer and buckwheat tea, and some functional products. The research status and development of buckwheat nutrition, bioactive components, food made of buckwheat and functional products are summarized.
    10  Research progress of lycopene preparation technology
    巴宁宁 王英明 刘蕊 王瑞
    2018, 26(3):45-49.
    [Abstract](664) [HTML](180) [PDF 2.92 M](398)
    Lycopene has a positive effect on delaying senility, anti-atherosclerosis, cancer prevention and anti-cancer, and prevention of cardiovascular diseases due to its strong antioxidant activity. But it has some disadvantages, such as lack of stability, low bioavailability caused by the property of fat- solubility, which limit the application. Therefore, it is of great value to improve the stability, water solubility and bioavailability of lycopene after being treated by preparation process. The preparation technology of lycopene, including microencapsulation technology, liposome technology, nano dispersion technology, embedding technology, emulsification technology and supercritical fluid technology, are reviewed.
    11  Effect of atmospheric Pressure low-temperature plasma on sterilization rate of staphylococcus aureus on sliced carrot surface and quality attributes
    2018, 26(3):50-55.
    [Abstract](647) [HTML](169) [PDF 5.63 M](404)
    In order to solve the problem of microbial safety on the cut surface of fresh carrot, the surface was sterilized by atmospheric pressure low-temperature plasma(ATLTP) to study sterilization effect on staphylococcus aureus. On the basis of single factor test, a quadratic polynomial mathematical model for the sterilization rate of staphylococcus aureus was established by response surface methodology to analyze the effects of processing voltage, processing time and processing pole distance, and their pairwise interactions. The experimental results showed that staphylococcus aureus on the fresh cut carrot surface could be effectively killed by ATLTP. Factors influencing the sterilization rate were in order as processing voltage>processing pole distance>processing time. The conditions were optimized as follows: processing voltage 170V, processing time 5min, processing pole distance 2.5 cm. The sterilization rate reached to 92.35% under these conditions, which closed to the predicted value of 92.26%, and improves the edible safety of fresh sliced carrot. The water content, soluble solids, pH value, color, relative conductivity, malondialdehyde and Vc content of carrot were not significantly changed (P>0.05) . It is better to maintain the moisture, sugar, acidity and color of carrot, while maintaining the cell membrane permeability and antioxidant capacity.
    12  Analysis of paddy quality harvested in Liaoning province in 2017
    季宏波 范艺凡
    2018, 26(3):56-59.
    [Abstract](660) [HTML](172) [PDF 1.91 M](437)
    In order to understand the overall level of paddy quality in Liaoning province, the statistics of acreage and yields of paddy in different regions of the province were taken, the quality survey and quality monitoring data of the province in 2017 was analyzed, the quality in the past three years was compared; the reasonable suggestions for the work were put forward. The results showed that: The yield in the main producing areas, Shenyang and Panjin, accounted for 43.8% of the total output of the province. The quality of paddy in 2017 was basically the same as that in 2016, the proportion of the first-grade paddy was 49.2%, which was 6.5% and 15.6% higher than the previous two years respectively, the husked rice yield and head rice yield were lower than 2016, while the unsound kernel increased 0.46%; the limiting indicators of good quality paddy is chalkiness, amylase content and unsound kernel. In terms of climate, the province has not been affected by major natural disasters. The overall quality of paddy is in line with that of last year. The quality of some areas in Yingkou, Liaoyang and Tieling has been declined affected by the meteorological effects.
    13  Isolation, identification and preliminary application of zearalenone-degrading bacterium under acidic condition
    杜 稳 刘虎军 王 峻 王浩宇 孙长坡
    2018, 26(3):60-66.
    [Abstract](645) [HTML](186) [PDF 5.29 M](372)
    FS-3 and FS-7, Zearalenone (ZEN) degradation and acid tolerance strains, were isolated from grain and oil processing by-products and sewage sludge. FS-3 strain was identified as Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens and FS-7 strain was identified as Aspergillus niger. The bioactive substances of FS-3 strain could be secreted to medium, while FS-7 strain was intracellular. Under condition of pH 5, the degradation rates of FS-3 and FS-7 strains were 84.1% and 95.7%, respectively. Mass spectrometric for ZEN degradation products was performed and demonstrated that a new substance (M/Z=397) was appeared by FS-3 strain as well as two new substances (M/Z=213, 243) were appeared by FS-7 strain. The FS-3 and FS-7 strains were applied in the corn by-product fermentation process for ZEN detoxication, the result proved that ZEN content can be degraded from 4 345.8 μg/kg to 176.3 μg/kg and 431.83 μg/kg after fermentation for 3 days.
    14  Establishment of a PCR method to identify transgenic potato
    周延培 孙海新 赵美丽 崔玲君
    2018, 26(3):67-70.
    [Abstract](659) [HTML](174) [PDF 7.39 M](353)
    A PCR method to identify transgenic potato was established by designing specific primers of regulatory elements in genetically modified organism (GMO) potato, then four kinds of transgenic potato standard lines EH92-527-1, AV43-6-G7, AM04-1020 and PH05-026-0048 were used as templates for single gene PCR and multiplex PCR amplification. After analysis by agarose gel electrophoresis, the primer combinations with strong primer specificity and no cross-contamination or non-specific amplification were screened out. And nine kinds of known transgenic potato samples were verified by multiplex PCR, and the bands were clear and distinct. The detection method of combining multiplex PCR with single PCR that can rapidly and accurately identify a variety of regulatory elements of transgenic potatoes has been established.
    15  Test of natural reduce moisture in prefabricated metal plate circular rice granary
    高树成 赵 旭 赵学工 李吉芬 林 琳
    2018, 26(3):71-74.
    [Abstract](629) [HTML](172) [PDF 2.61 M](381)
    The combined metal plate paddy granary for individual farmers was developed and the test of natural ventilation to reduce grain moisture was carried out during storage. The results showed that the granary had stable mechanical property, the function of mildew-proof, rat-proof and natural air drying was remarkable. It can effectively solve the problems including quantity loss, quality reduction, hygiene and safety. The purpose of increasing income and food safety, decreasing loss for farmers was achieved, which provided technical support for farmers to store grain safely.
    16  Evaluation of ventilation effect of steel structure silo
    欧阳毅 唐 芳 祁智慧 纪晓军 李春元
    2018, 26(3):75-79.
    [Abstract](714) [HTML](175) [PDF 3.60 M](444)
    The construction and the application of cooling and ventilation technology of steel structure silo was introduced. The effect and efficiency of ventilation and cooling of the silo was evaluated by detecting the ventilation parameters such as the fan pressure and superficial gas velocity of the silo. The ventilation mode of the silo was vertical upward press-in ventilation, and the vertical ventilation parameters were measured by digital air pressure and speed meter. The results showed that the unit grain resistance of grain heap increased with the increase of the superficial gas velocity and unit ventilation volume, with positive correlation; in the ventilation resistance, the resistance of the facilities accounted for a larger rate. The central main air duct and the grain delivery channel are designed to share the same pipeline, which was convenient for discharge, but increased the resistance of ventilation facilities and energy consumption. Influenced by the air duct design, the superficial gas velocity of the grain surface in the northeast corner of the silo was low with poor ventilation effect. It is suggested that the main air duct and the branch duct should be arranged radially in the radial direction. After ventilation, the overall temperature of grain heap decreased by 11.3 degrees, and the average temperature of each layer decreased to about -6 centigrade. The effect of aeration-cooling on the grain heap was good except a little part without obvious decrease of the temperature.
    17  Research progress of application of nanomaterials in food storage
    顾广东 朱昌保 徐 浩 王 懿 余骁洋
    2018, 26(3):80-86.
    [Abstract](621) [HTML](183) [PDF 4.24 M](389)
    Nanotechnology is one of the most advanced and widely used technologies today. The application of nanoscale photocatalytic antiseptic and insect proof materials, nanoscale fresh-keeping materials, microcapsule spraying materials and new intelligent packaging materials were enumerated. The research progress and application of nanotechnology in the field of fruit and vegetable storage, grain storage and food package were introduced. The application of nanomaterials in food storage was prospected.

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