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Volume 26,Issue 1,2018 Table of Contents

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  • 1  Comparative study on wheat quality standards in APEC economies
    欧阳姝虹 段晓亮 王正友 张 艳 祁潇哲 孙 辉
    2018, 26(1):1-6.
    [Abstract](873) [HTML](184) [PDF 3.46 M](575)
    Wheat quality standards of Australia, Canada, the People′s Republic of China, Japan, Russia, Republic of Korea, Chinese Taipei, the United States and other APEC economies, and of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) were analyzed to compare the differences of quality indexes, test methods and requirements of important factors in the standards. Some suggestions were proposed for classification of wheat according to the usages.
    2  Effect of starches on the properties of textured wheat protein with high moisture
    刘 明 蒋华彬 谭 斌 刘艳香 田晓红 汪丽萍 郭文杰
    2018, 26(1):7-12.
    [Abstract](807) [HTML](180) [PDF 5.88 M](466)
    The effects of the amount of wheat starch, potato starch and corn starch on the properties of high moisture textured wheat protein were explored. High moisture textured wheat protein was prepared by high torque twin-screw extrusion equipment. The parameters of textured protein, such as color and lustre (L*,a*,b*,△E), textural properties (degree of texturization, hardness, adhesiveness, springiness, cohesiveness and chewiness) and sensory evaluation were analyzed. The results showed that the addition of wheat starch, corn starch could improve the quality of color and lustre of textured protein significantly, while that of potato starch had no significant effect. The addition of starches could improve the degree of texturization of textured protein significantly. With the increasing of the addition, the textural properties (hardness, springness, cohesiveness and chewiness) of textured protein gradually decreased. The addition of appropriate amount of wheat starch (5%), corn starch (5%) could improve the sensory evaluation, while the addition of potato starch would reduce the sensory evaluation. The optimal addition were wheat starch (5%) or corn starch (5%) in consideration of the color parameters, textural properties and sensory evaluation of textured wheat protein. It is not only achieve the purpose of reducing production costs, but also improve the color parameters, degree of texturization and sensory evaluation of textured wheat protein.
    3  Optimization of process parameters of frozen pizza dough made of purple sweet potato by response surface methodology
    柴 琦 李燮昕
    2018, 26(1):13-20.
    [Abstract](815) [HTML](181) [PDF 5.61 M](507)
    Purple sweet potato powder and high gluten flour were used as the main raw material, the effect of the 4 factors, purple sweet potato powder, high gluten flour, water and yeast, and their interaction, on the sensory evaluation score of purple sweet potato frozen pizza dough was investigated on the basis of the single factor test and according to Box-Benhnken to design the test. Taking sensory evaluation score of purple potato pizza dough as the response surface value, the optimum formula was achieved in order to improve the sensory characteristics of the products. The results showed that the optimum parameters of the pizza dough were purple sweet potato flour 21g, high gluten flour 179g, yeast 1.45g, water 107g, salt 3g, sugar 10g, milk powder 9g, modifier 1g, egg 12.5g, baking powder 1.25g, olive oil 12.5g. On the basis of optimal formula, the correlation between sensory evaluation and texture under different storage conditions was further studied. The results showed that the hardness, elasticity, gumminess and chewiness properties reflected the quality of purple sweet potato pizza dough, which remain good flavor after being stored in refrigerator at -18 ℃ for 7 days.
    4  Development of steamed bread with eggshell powder
    2018, 26(1):21-24.
    [Abstract](981) [HTML](299) [PDF 1.85 M](563)
    The optimum parameters of steamed bread with eggshell powder were studied through the single factor experiments and orthogonal test. The results showed that the ratio of eggshell powder steamed bread (calculated by wheat flour weight) was:0.7% eggshell powder, 55% water,1% yeast and fermented for 110min at 32~38℃ and humidity 75%~90%,and steamed with boiled water for 15~18min. The steamed bread under the conditions had good quality and high nutritional value. The application range of eggshell powder is expended and the diversified demand of staple food is satisfied.
    5  Study on optimization of processing technology of fresh wet noodles with purple cabbage
    何承云 葛晓虹 李 波 李光磊 孙俊良
    2018, 26(1):25-29.
    [Abstract](822) [HTML](193) [PDF 3.83 M](467)
    The effect of purple cabbage , wheat gluten, salt and sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC-Na) on the quality of fresh wet noodles was obtained by single-factor experiments, and the parameters were optimized by response surface. The optimal working condition was: the amount of purple cabbage pulp 50%, gluten content 4.57%, salt addition 0.53%,CMC 0.5%. Purple cabbage pulp was mixed with flour for making the dough in the processing of the fresh wet noodles, without adding water. The nutritional components of purple cabbage were remained so as to improve the nutritional value of fresh wet noodles. The research established some theoretical basis for further application of purple cabbage in the flour products.
    6  Research progress of processing technology of palm oil
    张玉锋 王 挥 宋 菲 陈 华 张建国 雷新涛
    2018, 26(1):30-34.
    [Abstract](814) [HTML](370) [PDF 2.73 M](414)
    Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) is one of the world's four major woody oil crops, and the production of palm oil obtained from the ripened oil palm fruit has exceeded the soybean oil, which makes palm oil become the largest oil in the world. In recent years, the breakthrough and application of new processing technologies which include dry heating (oven), microwave and continuous sterilization technology, solvent extraction, supercritical fluid extraction and aqueous enzymatic extraction technology, physical, chemical and molecular distillation of refining technology, dry, solvent and surfactant method of oil fractionation,had greatly promoted the development of palm oil processing industry. The research progress of processing technology of palm oil, including fruit sterilization, oil extraction, refining, fractionation and so on, were summarized.
    7  Research progress of antibacterial effects of citrus peel essential oils
    崔佳韵 梁建芬
    2018, 26(1):35-39.
    [Abstract](718) [HTML](162) [PDF 3.41 M](353)
    Citrus peel essential oil is consisted of monoterpene, sesquiterpene and containing oxygen derivatives, which is not only harmless to human and has good smell, but also has antimicrobial activity as substitution of chemical bactericide. The antimicrobial effect of citrus peel essential oil is closely related to the containing oxygen derivatives in its terpenes. Citrus peel essential oil can destroy the cell structure and affect metabolic pathways to inhibit micro-organisms. Citrus peel essential oil can be used in food preservation and fungi hazard control of garden stuff by different methods, such as direct addition, fumigation or coordinated use with other methods. The antimicrobial effects, mechanisms and application of citrus peel essential oil are summarized in order to provide a reference for further application in food industry.
    8  Effect of dietary fiber on the quality of extruded artificial rice
    李 姝 解铁民 郑诗雨 毛 爽
    2018, 26(1):40-43.
    [Abstract](762) [HTML](182) [PDF 2.99 M](400)
    Barley seedling powder, as dietary fiber, was added with different proportion into rice flour to prepare dietary fiber fortified rice by recombine- texture extrusion. The fortified rice was cooked to determine that the optimum ratio of material to water was 1∶0.8. The effect of dietary fiber on the texture characteristics of the fortified rice was analyzed by texture analyzer. The results showed that when the addition of dietary fiber was in the range of 5%~20%,the gumminess, chewiness and hardness of the fortified rice trended upward at first then downward along with the increase of dietary fiber, which reached to the maximum value at the addition of dietary fiber as 10%. Elasticity presented a tendency to rise first and then fall, with a little increase range; viscosity showed a tendency to rise first and then descend, reached to the maximum value at the addition of dietary fiber as 15%; cohesion showed a slow decline trend.
    9  Study on the effect of extract of perilla leaves on bread quality
    田海娟 张传智 朱 珠 刘剑平
    2018, 26(1):44-48.
    [Abstract](786) [HTML](186) [PDF 2.72 M](384)
    Perilla leaf extract were added to produce bread, the extract concentrations were 0, 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%, which ratio of water to perilla leaf extract was 4∶1. The influence of the perilla leaf extract on the sensory quality, specific volume of fresh bread, and the water retention, aging degree and microbial growth of the bread during storage were studied. The results showed that at a concentration of 6%, the sensory quality and specific volume of bread were the best. With the increase of the extract concentration, water retention, resist aging and restrain the microbial growth of the bread were gradually strengthened. At the concentration of 12%, water retention, aging resistance and antimicrobial growth of bread were the best.
    10  Effect of sodium alginate on the characteristics of dough and bread
    张 勇 刘传富 孙 欣 乔聚林
    2018, 26(1):49-52.
    [Abstract](797) [HTML](188) [PDF 2.71 M](377)
    The effects of the additional amount of sodium alginate on the farinograph characteristics, stretchability and gelatinization properties of flour,and the specific volume, water content, hardness, elasticity and sensory quality of bread were investigated. The results showed that the addition of sodium alginate could effectively improve the farinograph characteristics, stretchability and gelatinization properties of flour, and the water content of bread. Appropriate amount of sodium alginate can effectively increase the specific volume, elasticity and sensory quality of the bread, reduce the hardness. The effects of the addition of sodium alginate on the farinograph characteristics, stretchability and gelatinization properties of flour and the bake quality of bread were analyzed by synthesis. The optimum amount of sodium alginate was 0.6%. The experiment supplies the theoretical basis for the application of sodium alginate in baked goods.
    11  Influence of marinating seasonings on quality of dried tofu
    张 雪 侯银臣 李 磊 陈复生
    2018, 26(1):53-56.
    [Abstract](730) [HTML](174) [PDF 1.79 M](445)
    The influence of the amount of marinating salt, xylooligosaccharides and soy sauce on texture and sensory characteristics of dried tofu was researched by single factor test and orthogonal test. The results showed that the maximum effect on the sensory evaluation of dried tofu was salt dosage, followed by soy sauce dosage. The sensory quality of dried tofu was the best with 3% salt, 4% soy sauce and 3.5% xylooligosaccharides,and the sensory score was 88.2.
    12  Determination of D chiro inostiol in buckwheat by high performance capillary electrophoresis with indirect ultraviolet detection
    刘晓燕 肖梦月
    2018, 26(1):57-60.
    [Abstract](688) [HTML](181) [PDF 2.53 M](340)
    D chiro inostiol in buckwheat was determined by high performance capillary electrophoresis (HPCE) with ultraviolet detector, with100 mmol/L borate buffer, voltage 10kV and detection wavelength 195 nm. The results showed that the linear range was 0.1~150 mg/mL with correlation coefficients more than 0.999 and the detection limit less than 0.02 mg/mL (RS/N=3).The average recoveries were in the range of 9%~108%, with the relative standard deviation (RSD) 4.3%. This method is convenient, accurate and reliable, which can decrease the cost and pollution, increase the efficiency with aqueous solution as moving phase.
    13  Effect of atmospheric pressure low temperature plasma on sterilization rate of escherichia coli on sliced cucumber surface and quality attributes
    孙 艳 张志伟 王世清
    2018, 26(1):61-67.
    [Abstract](782) [HTML](168) [PDF 5.95 M](409)
    The surface of fresh cucumber was sterilized by atmospheric pressure low temperature plasma to study sterilization effect of atmospheric pressure low temperature plasma on Escherichia coli (E. coli) on the fresh sliced cucumber surface. On the basis of single factor test, a quadratic polynomial mathematical model for the sterilization rate of E.coli was established by response surface methodology to analyze the effects of processing voltage, time and pole distance, and their pairwise interactions, and the quality of cucumber was studied under the optimum conditions. The experimental results showed that E.coli on the fresh sliced cucumber surface could be effectively killed by atmospheric pressure low temperature plasma. Factors influencing the sterilization rate were in order as processing voltage>processing pole distance>processing time. The conditions were optimized as follows: processing voltage 170 V, processing time 5 min, processing pole distance 2.5 cm. the sterilization rate reached to 99.65% under these conditions, which closed to the predicted value of 99.60%, and improved the edible safety of fresh sliced cucumber. The factors, include water content, soluble solids, pH value, color, relative conductivity, malondialdehyde and Vc content of cucumber, were not significantly changed (P>0.05). The fresh sliced cucumber remained the moisture, sugar, acidity and color, as well as the cell membrane permeability and antioxidant capacity.
    14  Influence of auxiliary ingredients on the content of γ-aminobutyric acid during fermentation of highland barley by monascus
    刘 栋 王 萍 周智伟 周选围
    2018, 26(1):68-72.
    [Abstract](700) [HTML](173) [PDF 3.00 M](384)
    The influence of auxiliary ingredients and their amounts on the yield of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) was investigated based on the single factor test of producing GABA with highland barley fermentated by monascus, and the orthogonal test L9(33). The optimal varieties and amounts of auxiliary ingredients, were obtained. The production condition was optimized. The results showed that the yield of GABA could be increased by adding auxiliary ingredients. The optimal medium formula of solid fermentation were as follows: 48% highland barley, 10% corn flour, 17% black bean flour, and 15% rice flour; the yield of GABA was approximately 24.62±0.18mg/100g after 8 days′ fermentation at 30℃.
    15  Study on the sample representativeness of electric sampler for bulk grain
    骆 倩 宁 晖 袁向星 应胜建 应美蓉 张谷平 高梦莎
    2018, 26(1):73-83.
    [Abstract](908) [HTML](181) [PDF 7.29 M](477)
    Paddy, wheat, corn and soy stored in large warehouse were sampled by electric bulk grain sampler. The impurity, broken grain or husked rice in peddy sample were texted. The inspection result sampled by electric sampler was compared with that by casing grain sampler and electric suction grain sampler. The result shows that there is no significant difference between electric bulk grain sampler and casing grain sampler. The difference between the average values is in line with national standards for repeatability requirement. Whereas, there is more impurities and unpolished rice in the samples acquired by electric suction grain sampler, compared with electric bulk grain samplers and casing grain sampler, the difference is significant. The differences between the average values exceed national standards for repeatability requirement, except for the wheat with fewer impurities. Therefore, it is suggested that the electric bulk grain sampler has overcome the limitations that casing grain sampler cannot reach sufficient depth of grain bulk and electric suction grain sampler could increase the amount of broken kernels or brown rice which is not suitable for impurity testing. It is able to meet the need of depth while sampling in the large warehouse, silo and squat silos. The test results of total impurities and broken kernels or brown rice can represent the original quality of the grain, which has a broad prospect of application.
    16  Study on phobotaxis of several stored grain pests to yellow and blue
    汪中明 齐艳梅 李燕羽 郑 丹 曹 阳
    2018, 26(1):84-87.
    [Abstract](755) [HTML](199) [PDF 3.07 M](418)
    The tropism of six kinds of stored grain pests,Tribolium castaneum, T.confusum,Sitophilus oryzae,S.zeamais,Liposcelis bostrychophila, L. decolor to yellow and blue was researched under laboratory condition by color correction. The results showed that there were significant differences among most of the trapping effect of yellow and blue to different pests. The trapping effect of yellow only appeared stable to Tribolium castaneum with the highest trapping rate of 19.76%. The significant trapping effect of blue appeared to T.confusum, S. zeamais, L. bostrychophila and S. oryzae as without food source, with the trapping rates 39.9%, 28.6%, 24.6%, 22.6%, respectively;Liposcelis most showed phobotaxis reaction. Food as a background has obvious interfere on the trapping effect. After adding a food source as a background, the trapping rate of yellow to T. castaneum, T.confusum and S. zeamais increased significantly; the increase of trapping effect of blue to T. castaneum was the top one. While to T.conf usum changed from trapping to elude. The results showed that the trapping effect of yellow and blue to stored grain insects was interfered by extraneous factors, which provided ideas for the research and development of equipment for trapping by color and light waves.
    17  Study on gas-solid two-phase flow of steel tube type scraper conveyor based on UDF dynamic mesh
    池优阳 阮竞兰
    2018, 26(1):88-94.
    [Abstract](710) [HTML](153) [PDF 7.36 M](412)
    When the material is transported in the steel tube type scraper conveyor, the negative pressure effect is caused by the high-speed movement of the scraper, then the air enters and mixes with the material to make the material present a certain fluidization phenomenon, which helps to improve the effect of the rate of transport conveyor. Due to the complexity of the scraper conveyor model, based on the UDF dynamic mesh technology in FLUENT, the boundary of the scraper is realized in the runway shaped channel. The operation condition of the air flow field in the conveyor is obtained successfully, and then the numerical simulation of gas-solid two-phase flow is carried out to obtain the operating parameters and the volume distribution nephogram of the particles and air.
    18  Experimental study on tempering ventilation with transverse and vertical ventilation system in paddy warehouse
    赵海燕 沈邦灶 李倩倩 姜俊伊 祝祥坤 王启阳 李红波 石天玉
    2018, 26(1):95-100.
    [Abstract](765) [HTML](165) [PDF 3.74 M](391)
    The contrastive research about the ventilation to improve processing quality in two grain warehouses with different ventilation system, which are the transverse ventilation system and vertical ventilation system is operated to analyze the difference of the ventilation rate, moisture uniformity and energy consumption between the two ventilation systems. The results indicated that the grain moisture increased 1.26% , the moisture uniformity of the grain bulk increased 2.28% and the unit energy consumption of ventilation was 0.511 kW·h /(%·t)as ventilation with transverse systems. Therefore, ventilation by transverse system can meet the demand of grain storage enterprises. Both transverse ventilation system and vertical ventilation system have tempering ventilation effect. The test provides technical support for comprehensive application of transverse ventilation system in rice warehouse.

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