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Volume 25,Issue 6,2017 Table of Contents

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  • 1  Effect of propylene glycol alginate on rheological and baking properties of dough
    刘海燕 逄锦龙 王小霞 刘然然 代增英 王晓梅
    2017, 25(6):1-4.
    [Abstract](1095) [HTML](345) [PDF 963.70 K](787)
    The effect of propylene glycol alginate (PGA) with different percentages (0.1%、0.2%、0.3% and 0.4%) on rheological properties and baking properties of dough was analyzed by farinograph,extensograph and texture analyser.The results showed that:PGA could improve the farinograph properties and extensograph properties of dough,such as water absorption,stability time,flour evaluation index,dough extension,extension resistance and stretch ratio.PGA could increase the specific volume of bread,significantly improve the springiness,the taste and sensory score of bread,and reduce the hardness of bread.The bread with 0.2%~0.3% PGA had the optimal quality.
    2  Study on sorghum yam steamed bread for diabetics
    徐雪娣 关倩倩 李 宁 杜方岭 张华文 徐志祥 徐同成
    2017, 25(6):5-9.
    [Abstract](897) [HTML](221) [PDF 1.58 M](476)
    Yam is rich in yam polysaccharides,which has a certain regulation efficacy on blood sugar for diabetes patients.Based on the previously study of the low glycemic index steamed bread for diabetes patients,the formula was adjusted and optimized with addition of fresh yam pulp.The best ratio of the steamed bread was:sorghum powder 31.35%,wheat flour 31.35%,wheat gluten 5.95%,yam pulp 23.75%,antioxidant (vitamin C) 100 mg/kg,α-amylase 30 mg/kg,CMC-Na 0.08%,xanthan gum 0.3% and yeast 0.6%.After detecting,the glycemic index was 54.98,which showed that this kind of steamed bread is in low GI and suitable for diabetics in daily.
    3  Development of buckwheat vinegarriching in γ-amino butyric acid and D-chiro-inositol
    胡俊君 李云龙 李红梅 何永吉 边俊生 仪 鑫
    2017, 25(6):10-12.
    [Abstract](619) [HTML](192) [PDF 504.14 K](399)
    Germination process can significantly improve the contents of bioactive components in buckwheat.Buckwheat vinegar with high content of GABA and D-chiro-inositol was developed by fermenting uncooked material combined with traditional fermentation of Shanxi vinegar without being smoked.The results showed that the products had pure harmony colour,mellow taste,with high content of GABA to 234 mg/100 mL,and D- chiro-inositol to 75.05 mg/100 mL,which were 3 and 10 times more than existing products with the same type in the market,respectively.So the physiological functions of this product were enhanced remarkably in antioxidation,soften blood vessels,lowering blood sugar and blood lipid.
    4  Optimization of formula of composite stabilizer in jujube soy milk by response surface methodology
    曾 璟 胡洁芳 沈勇根 周 明 艾啸威
    2017, 25(6):13-20.
    [Abstract](1004) [HTML](332) [PDF 3.28 M](591)
    The effect of complex emulsifiers-thickeners on the stability of compound protein beverage made of concentrated jujube juice and soybean was discussed.Based on the single factor experiment,the best ratio of the thickener and their quantity range were chosen.The effects of compound thickener,sucrose fatty acid ester,distilled glycerin monostearate and their interaction on the stability of the protein milk containing jujube and soybean were analyised by Box-Benhnken response method.The quadratic polynomial regression equation prediction model was obtained by Design Expert software ( results showed that the stability of the jujube-soybean milk was improved effectively by the compound stabilizer contained 0.06% compound thickeners (xanthan:guar gum:sodium carboxymethyl celubse=4:2:3),0.10% sucrose fatty acid ester and 0.04% distilled glycerin monostearate,and the product tastes exquisite with the best quality.
    5  Study on microwave-assisted extraction of flavonoids from perilla oil meal and antioxidation
    张 艳 张传智 徐 淼 田海娟
    2017, 25(6):21-25.
    [Abstract](709) [HTML](211) [PDF 1.32 M](446)
    Flavonoids were extracted from perilla oil meal by microwave-assisted extraction.The results showed that the optimum parameters were as followings:the ratio of solid to liquid was 1:20g/mL,the ethanol concentration was 60%,the microwave power was 500W and the microwave time was 60s.According to the above conditions,the extraction rate could reach 3.04%.Compared with traditional extraction method by ethanol,the extraction rate increased 54.31%.Concentration of the extracts in the range of 0.05~0.3mg/mL had a remarkable dose-effect relationship with the antioxidant activity.When the concentration of the flavonoids from the perilla oil meal was 0.3mg/mL,the clearance rate of the hydroxyl radicals and O2-·were up to 75%,77%.The studies provided a basis for the development and utilization on the flavonoids of perilla oil meal.
    6  Research on baking quality of thirty-three varieties of wheat grown in Anhui province
    李艳敏 李 珊 王月娥 沈家成 张文明 郑文寅 姚大年
    2017, 25(6):26-32.
    [Abstract](689) [HTML](379) [PDF 733.36 K](1692)
    In order to provide reference for the quality utilization of wheat varieties (lines),thirty-three wheat varieties harvested in Anhui province in 2016 were selected as materials to evaluate the grain quality,dough properties,bread baking quality,flour whiteness,lipoxygenase (LOX) activity,and carotenoid content and other quality characters.The results showed that there were extremely remarkable differences in grain quality,bread baking quality,flour whiteness,LOX activity,and other quality characters among varieties.The texture of crust and shape of bread were positively correlated to LOX activity and b value.The colour of bread crumb had an extremely significantly positive correlation with stability time of dough,while significantly negative correlation with the degree of softening.There was a significant positive correlation between smoothness and a value,b value,LOX activity,while significantly negative correlation with L value and whiteness;the texture of bread had significantly positive correlation with b value,and total evaluating score of bread with stability time.Five wheat varieties,including guomai 182,su 4095,yangmai 23,zhoumai 28 and Anke 157,were selected as varieties with good baking qualities.In addition,the quality characters and utilization of wheat grown in Anhui province were discussed.
    7  Effect of different drying conditions on quality of Zhangxi taro flour
    华军利 卢 苑 曾 婷
    2017, 25(6):33-36.
    [Abstract](609) [HTML](179) [PDF 1.25 M](422)
    Zhangxi taros were removed the peel,sliced,cooked,dried by sunshine (about 35℃),and hot air (about 60℃,70℃,100℃),smashed to taro powder.The effect of drying conditions on the quality of taro powder was researched with some parameters,such as color,moisture,water absorption,oil absorptivity,total sugar,protein and particle dispersion,as the indexes.The results showed that the optimal comprehensive quality of the taro powder was that dried by 60℃ low temperature hot air,with lighter color,uniform particle size,good dispersion,high content of nutrient compositions,good water absorption and oil absorbency.
    8  Analysis of the factors affecting re-steaming quality of steamed bread
    李慧芳 刘长虹 张 煌 卞 科
    2017, 25(6):37-39.
    [Abstract](544) [HTML](178) [PDF 504.72 K](416)
    Steamed bread is one of the typical staple foods in the north of our country,and the demand of steamed bread is increasing.After storage by refrigeration or freeze,steamed bread will become hard and taste bad.So consumers need to re-steam the food.Some problems and main preventive measures in the process of re-steam were summarized,which has a certain guiding significance for the production of steamed bread.
    9  Preparation of biological active peptides and its development in grain and oil
    陈文雅 谭云
    2017, 25(6):40-45.
    [Abstract](631) [HTML](169) [PDF 890.28 K](453)
    Biological active peptides possess multiple physiological functions,and can be prepared through enzymatic hydrolysis,microbiological fermentation,chemical synthesis,and so on.The preparation,purification,identification of the peptide was briefly reviewed,as well as the development of peptides derived from the grain and oil,to support the further study and industrial production of peptides.
    10  Determination of phthalic acid esters in grains by gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
    李 旭 吴维吉 刘 佳 李凤旭
    2017, 25(6):46-49.
    [Abstract](578) [HTML](174) [PDF 826.64 K](408)
    A method based on gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (GC-MS/MS) was developed for the determination of 16 kinds of phthalic acid esters (PAEs) in grains.The sample was extracted by acetonitrile-water and purified by QuEChERS method.The results showed that the liner range was 20~2000μg/L,the recovery rate on 0.1mg/kg and 0.5mg/kg were in the range of 84.1%~110.4% and the relative standard deviations (RSDs) were 4.6%~13.7%.The limits of detection were in the range of 1~100μg/kg.A total of 18 grain samples were found to be contaminated with PAEs.
    11  Research progress of DNA extraction and gene detection in edible vegetable oil
    吴 琼 宋安东
    2017, 25(6):50-55.
    [Abstract](698) [HTML](179) [PDF 790.19 K](463)
    In order to ensure the quality and safety of edible vegetable oil,a kind of new analytical method based on molecular biology theory is widely used in detection of transgenic composition and adulteration in edible vegetable oil,which was accurate,rapid,simple operation and high sensitivity.How to extract high quality DNA from edible vegetable oil with a little DNA content and low integrity is a key factor affecting the success of gene detection.Different extraction methods and gene detection methods of DNA in edible vegetable oil were summarized,the advantages and disadvantages of each method were compared.Finally,the development trend of this field was prospected.
    12  Rapid determination of aluminum in food by molecular fluorescence with double standard sandwich method
    高向阳 杨梦柯
    2017, 25(6):56-60.
    [Abstract](612) [HTML](179) [PDF 1.26 M](478)
    A rapid and sensitive method was established for the determination of aluminum in food.Purple wheat,vigna minima and the fried dough sticks was elected as samples,after wet digestion,the samples were determined by double-standard sandwich method and standard curve method.The results showed that there was a linear relationship between trivalent aluminium and fluorescence intensity as trivalent aluminum mass concentration within the range of 0.10~50 μg/mL-1,the correlation coefficient r=0.9990,the recovery rate was 96.0%~107.2% and relative standard deviation RSD<1%(n=11).The method is rapid,simple,cheap with a small amount of sample,doesn't need drawing the standard curve and determining blank simple,which provides a new analysis technique for the determination of aluminum in food and is worth being spread.
    13  Brewing technologe of compound fruit wine with Huangguan pear and purple sweet potato
    储渊明 李 文 王 陶 高兆建 崔 珏 薛青青 尤建民
    2017, 25(6):61-64.
    [Abstract](591) [HTML](182) [PDF 583.82 K](392)
    Huangguan pear and purple sweet potato were selected as main raw materials to make compound fruit wine by liquefying with amylase,saccharifying with pectinase and saccharifying enzyme,adding sugar and fermenting with inoculating yeast.The process was optimized by single-factor and orthogonal tests.The results showed that the optimal condition for liquefaction process of purple sweet potato was the amount of amylase 0.12%,pH value 6.0,temperature 50℃,and time 30 min,then the juice yield was 68.00%; the optimal condition for saccharification of the mixed juice was 0.1% of pectinase and glucoamylase (1:1),pH value 4.0,temperature 50℃ and time 90 min,then the juice yield was 70.65%; the optimal formula and fermentation condition was ratio of material to solution 1:5,ratio of purple sweet potato to pear 1:1,15% of sugar,inoculum concentration 4%,incubation temperature 28℃,and fermentation time 5 days,then the alcohol content was up to 12.8%.
    14  Comparison and analysis of application of mobile membrane separation nitrogen equipment in transverse and vertical ventilation
    高彬彬 金建德 张云峰 季雪根 王会杰 沈 波 张飞豪
    2017, 25(6):65-69.
    [Abstract](979) [HTML](310) [PDF 1.77 M](606)
    The operations of air conditioning disinsection and storage were carried out by membrane separation nitrogen equipment within two warehouses equipped respectively with transverse and vertical ventilation system under the same conditions to compare the disinsection effect,concentration raising rate,unit energy consumption,uniformity of gas distribution,etc.The results showed that insecticide effect in the warehouse arranged with transverse ventilation is slightly better than that with vertical system,the concentration raising rate was 1.7 times higher,and the unit energy consumption was 21% lower,while the uniformity of gas distribution was basically the same.
    15  Effect of cereal volatile matter on behavior of stored-grain insects and its application
    曾姝静 吕建华 霍鸣飞 张育濮 王鹏杰
    2017, 25(6):70-74.
    [Abstract](685) [HTML](160) [PDF 738.16 K](447)
    The current research status of cereal volatiles,the effects of cereal volatiles on insects behavior,the effects of learning behavior of phytophagous insects on stored grain insects behavior,and the relationship between cereal volatiles and control of stored grain insects were summarized,in order to provide support for future research and application of cereal volatile matter in integrated control of stored grain insects.
    16  Think about the design of transverse ventilation network in the warehouse
    张云峰 陈英明 付 豪 王会杰 刘林生 刘益云
    2017, 25(6):75-77.
    [Abstract](582) [HTML](196) [PDF 810.90 K](433)
    Transverse ventilation of the warehouse as a new grain storage technology is suitable for cooling,reducing moisture,air conditioning and other operations.The problems that affected the design and operation of the ventilation network which were found in practical application were analyzed and summarized.The advantages and disadvantages of different type and arrangement modes of air ducts and ventilation resistance were defined,which will provide a technical and practical support for the future application of transverse ventilation.
    17  Study on loss and waste during grain and oil processing in Hubei province
    樊 琦 黑文静 祁华清 王新华
    2017, 25(6):78-83.
    [Abstract](615) [HTML](175) [PDF 997.01 K](423)
    Loss and waste during the process of grain and oil is very serious in China since prefer excessively refined processed grain products for a long,which was lack of effective management.Taking Hubei province as an example,the present processing waste situation was analyzed in the aspects of processing yield,nutrient loss,by-products utilization and deep processing products.The detailed situation of the grain loss and waste in Hubei province was investigated.Some policy measures and suggestions to reduce the processing loss and waste were proposed.

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