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Volume 25,Issue 4,2017 Table of Contents

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  • 1  The effects of potato on the quality of dough and steamed bread
    方秀利 陈 瑶 张 炜 常 柳 段晓亮 欧阳姝虹 洪 宇 孙 辉
    2017, 25(4):5-9.
    [Abstract](763) [HTML](179) [PDF 1.11 M](452)
    Five varieties of potato with different quality were selected to mash and mixed with wheat flour and make steamed bread. The effect of the addition of potato on the quality of dough was investigated by sensory evaluation and instrument analysis. Results showed that the dough strength weaken by adding 30% mashed potato, and the processing performance descended slightly, while with good gas retention and production capacity and good fermentation performances. The effects of the varieties of potato on mixed dough rheological properties and the quality of steamed bread were gnificantly different, two varieties of potato, potato sample 1and potato sample 5, were considered to be suitable for make potato-mixed steamed bread.
    2  Effects of improvers on dough rheological properties
    尚加英 胡 军 李利民 郑学玲 赵 波
    2017, 25(4):10-16.
    [Abstract](748) [HTML](166) [PDF 5.29 M](417)
    The effect of different dough improver( enzyme preparation, antioxidants and phosphate) on the dough rheological properties was investigated by using farinograph and extensograph. The results show that: α-amylase, xylanase and ADA have a major impact on the flour farinograph properties; xylanase, ADA and Vc have a significant effect on the extensograph properties, and ADA has more influence. With the increase of α-amylase,xylanase and ADA, the stability time and the evaluation value of dough are in downward trend, while weakening degrees is in upward trend. With xylanase increase, the elongation tends to increase, while the stretching ratio and the maximum tensile resistance tend to decrease, and the variation range is large; with ADA and Vc increase, the change trends of extensibility, stretching ratio and the maximum tensile resistance are contrary compare with adding xylanase. Tetrasodium pyrophosphate and sodium tripolyphosphate have no significant effect on the extensograph properties, but have a significant effect on flour farinograph properties in a certain amount. Lipase has little effect on extensograph and farinograph properties.
    3  Effect of enzymatic hydrolysis conditions on the content and properties of wheat bran oligosaccharides
    王伟旭 汪丽萍 于 雷 谭 斌 韩 伟 刘艳香 田晓红
    2017, 25(4):17-23.
    [Abstract](613) [HTML](168) [PDF 2.32 M](387)
    Using wheat bran insoluble arabinoxylan as raw materials for preparation of xylooligosaccharides by enzymatic hydrolysis, the effect of enzymolysis temperature, enzymolysis time and enzyme dosage on the content of xylooligosaccharides, sugar composition, average polymerization degree and prebiotic activity were studied. The results showed that the content of xylooligosaccharides increased, while the average degree of polymerization and the relative content ratio of xylose, xylose and xylose decreased when the enzymolysis time increased from 1 h to 2 h, the hydrolysis temperature increased from 40 ℃ to 50 ℃ and the amount of enzyme increased from 0.125 to 1 g/L. When Bifidobacterium adolescentis was cultured with xylooligosaccharides obtained under different enzymolysis conditions, the concentration of Bt increased in different extents. The metabolites of fermentation broth contained lactic acid, acetic acid and propionic acid, and the content of acetic acid was the highest. The trend of acid production was consistent with the concentration of bacteria and the content of xylooligosaccharides, while contrary to the average polymerization degree of xylooligosaccharides. The content of xylooligosaccharides reached to 101 mg/g, the average degree of polymerization decreased to 3.23, the relative content ratio of xylose, xylose and xylose was the smallest, and the multiplication of cell concentration was up to 5.65 times when the enzymolysis temperature was 50 ℃, the time of enzymolysis was 2h and the amount of enzyme was 1 g/L.
    4  Development of taraxacum coarse cereal biscuits
    刘 华 叶健恒 余以刚
    2017, 25(4):24-29.
    [Abstract](718) [HTML](152) [PDF 2.36 M](480)
    Coarse cereal biscuit with taraxacum was developed with taraxacum, millet and soybean as raw materials. The influences of taraxacum powder, millet flour, xylitol, soybean flour, taraxacum extract, alpha amylase, xylanase and protease on the quality of the biscuit were studied by single factor tests and orthogonal test. The processes of mixing, rolling and baking of the biscuits were determined. The results showed that the optimal parameters of the biscuits were: the surface baking temperature 200℃, the bottom baking temperature 180℃, baking time 6min. The optimal formula was the amount of taraxacum powder, millet flour, wheat flour, vegetable oil, xylitol, yeast, salt, soybean flour, saleratus, dandelion extract, a mixture of alpha amylase and xylanase, protease and skim milk powder were 2.5g, 30g, 50g, 10g, 20g, 1.6g, 0.5g, 0.8g, 1.6g, 3.0g, 0.02g, 0.03g, 1.5g, respectively.
    5  Overview of research on the oxidative stability of camellia oleifera seed oil
    郭咪咪 薛雅琳 张 东 朱 琳 李秀娟 段章群 李晓宁 王雅朦
    2017, 25(4):30-34.
    [Abstract](601) [HTML](157) [PDF 924.63 K](410)
    Camellia oleifera seed oil has the similar fatty acid composition and biological activities with olive oil, and its crude oil has good storage stability. The quality characteristics of camellia oleifera seed oil processed in different processing techniques were summarized. The factors related to the oxidation stability of it were analyzed. Meanwhile, the factors to cause the oil of the high oxidation stability were discussed. The test has guiding significance for the further research on the main antioxidant activity ingredients.
    6  Research progress in effects of dietary proportions of carbohydrate and fat on metabolism and health
    杨 莹 王薇薇 刘建学 韩 飞 路子显 李爱科
    2017, 25(4):40-45.
    [Abstract](693) [HTML](164) [PDF 681.56 K](389)
    Carbohydrates and fats are the important sources of energy, which must be sufficiently included in the diets. Though high content of fat and carbohydrate in diet can provide rich nutrients for organism, it also causes fatty liver, obesity, cardiovascular disease, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and affect offspring development etc. The effect of different proportions of fat and carbohydrate in diets on fat metabolism, sugar metabolism and propagation and so on were briefly reviewed. The therapy effects of plant extracts on the diseases caused by the diets with different proportions of fat and carbohydrate were introduced in order to provide a reference of rational diet for people.
    7  Optimization of extraction technology for chlorogenic acid from sweet potato stems and leaves by response surface methodology
    单长松 刘 锦 赵子彤 贾朝爽 杨 艺 刘 娟 吴 澎
    2017, 25(4):46-51.
    [Abstract](801) [HTML](173) [PDF 3.44 M](451)
    Chlorogenic acid was extracted from sweet potato stems and leaves by microwave-assisted ethanol extraction method. The binomial mathematical model was obtained to optimize the extraction process by response surface methodology with four-factor, three-level based on single factor experiments with extraction time, temperature, solid-liquid ratio and ethanol concentration as the influence factors and the extraction yield of the chlorogenic acid as response value. The results showed that the optimum parameters were as follows: the extraction time was 25 min, the extraction temperature was 64.5 ℃, the solid-liquid ratio was 1∶35 g/mL and the ethanol concentration was 45%. Under the optimal conditions, the maximum extraction rate of chlorogenic acid was 3.4421 mg/g, which was close to the predictive value. The response surface methodology is applicable for the optimization of microwave-assisted ethanol extraction of chlorogenic acid from sweet potato stems and leaves.
    8  Research progress of dietary fiber in food application
    胡 杨 周梦舟
    2017, 25(4):52-55.
    [Abstract](676) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](0)
    Dietary fiber as a special nutrient plays an important role in human health, which is widely used in the food industry because of its unique physiological functions. The classification and function of dietary fiber was summarized. The application of dietary fiber in food was reviewed.
    9  Tracking detection of phosphide content in corn after fumigation
    刘轩竹 贾有青 贾楚翘 黄海燕 王琳琳
    2017, 25(4):56-59.
    [Abstract](682) [HTML](172) [PDF 1.07 M](419)
    The content of phosphine in maize could exceed the standard after maize being fumigated, which caused foods safety problem. Phosphides in maize in different storage period were tracking detected, the pretreatment methods on different level of heating time, acidity and temperature were tested by single factor experiment and orthogonal test with molybdenum blue colorimetric method, the test conditions were optimized: the water bath temperature 40 ℃, heating time 30 min, the ratio of sulfuric acid to water 1∶4. The changes of phosphide content in maize after fumigation showed that after three months the phosphide content in corn was safety.
    10  Simultaneous determination of residue of pretilachlor and simetryn in paddy by UPLC-MS/MS
    曲丽萍 李雪茹 陈国峰 刘 峰 董见南 尤红梅 吕 洋 陈宏远 李玉琼
    2017, 25(4):60-63.
    [Abstract](727) [HTML](163) [PDF 1.22 M](438)
    A method for the simultaneous determination of residue of pretilachlor and simetryn in rice filed environment by ultra-performance liquid chromatography tandem mass-spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS) was established. The residues in unpolished rice, rice husk, plant, soil and field water were extracted by acetonitrile, purified by N-propyl ethylenediamine. The residues of pretilachlor and simetryn in samples were determined by UPLC-MS/MS. Pretilachlor showed a good linear relationship in the range of 0.01~ 5.0mg/L with the correlation coefficient of 0.9974 and the average recovery rates in unpolished rice, rice shell, plant, soil and field water were 71.8%~103.6%; Simetryn showed a good linear relationship in the range of 0.005~2.5mg/L with the correlation coefficient of 0.9979, and the average recovery rates in different samples were 75.0%~107.3% with their relative standard deviations of 1.7%~9.2%. The method has good repeatability, accuracy and precision, and can meet the technical requirements.
    11  Degradation effect of atmospheric pressure plasma on aflatoxin B1
    任翠荣 熊旭波 王世清 王振斌 张 岩 姜文利
    2017, 25(4):64-69.
    [Abstract](747) [HTML](170) [PDF 3.62 M](388)
    Atmospheric pressure plasma was used to degrade the aflatoxin B1 in acetonitrile. The influence of four independent variables, discharge distance, treatment voltage, discharge time and initial concentration of AFB1, on degradation rate of AFB1 were investigated by single factor test. Based on this, Box-Behnken experiment was designed with degradation rate of AFB1 as response value, the degradation conditions of AFB1 was optimized. The experimental results showed that the factors influencing the degradation rate of AFB1 in acetonitrile were in order as follows: treatment voltage>discharge time>initial concentration of AFB1.The optimum process parameters of degradation of AFB1 by atmospheric plasma were obtained as: treatment voltage of 170V, discharge time of 236 s, initial concentration of AFB1 of 5mg/L, discharge distance of 2cm. Under the conditions, the degradation rate of AFB1 can reach to 92.45%,which is close to predictive value of 93.94% with deviation of 1.49%.
    12  Research on stored grain insects in Jiangxi province
    贺培欢 曹 阳 林丽莎 章 妺 李 娜 郑 丹 汪中明
    2017, 25(4):76-81.
    [Abstract](1103) [HTML](268) [PDF 927.44 K](609)
    The insects in stored grain of grain depots, grain processing factories, feed mills and farmers household in 5cities in Jiangxi province were investigated.60 species of stored grain insects were collected, most of them were coleopteran reached to 42 species,accounting for 70%. Tribolium castaneum Herbst and Rhizopertha dominica Fabricius were most common stored grain insects in this area, both with the total occurrences of 69.6%. Total occurences of 12 species of main pests were generally over 10%. The results also showed there were only 5.4 species per depots on average in grain depots. Compared with grain depots, more insect species were found in grain-processing factories, feed mills and farmers household, about 11.8 species per survey spot on average. It was found that there were many species of natural enemy of stored grain pests in Jiangxi province, the main species were parasitic flies, stinkbugs, pseudoscorpions and predatory mites, which had natural advantages of biological control of stored grain pests. Moreover, Cryptolestes pusilloides (Steel et Howe) was collected in Jiangxi province for the first time.
    13  Construction and force analysis of the wall of underground bulk grain silo enclosed with steel
    张会军 刘海燕 丁永刚
    2017, 25(4):82-88.
    [Abstract](759) [HTML](161) [PDF 5.12 M](428)
    In order to strengthen the waterproof effect of concrete circular underground bulk grain silo, the steel-enclosed concrete technology is introduced into the construction of the underground warehouse to combine the waterproof measures and structure force analysis. The silo was analyzed by ABAQUS finite element in the conditions of empty and full. The results showed that the deformations of the silo enclosed with steel were 25.8% and 14.25% of the reinforced concrete underground silo, respectively. 28.19% of concrete and 75.20% of steel were saved by using enclosing with steel, compared with reinforced concrete underground silos, through the economic analysis. So the underground concrete silo enclosed with steel had good structural stability and economic benefits.
    14  Measuring method of wheat specific gravity
    曾长女 王 娟 周 飞
    2017, 25(4):89-90.
    [Abstract](784) [HTML](166) [PDF 804.77 K](399)
    The mass of wheat sample and the volume of alcohol are key parameters in specific gravity test of wheat. The effect of sample mass and volume of alcohol on the specific gravity of wheat are studied with wheat samples from five regions in China. The results showed that the gravity increased gradually along with the increase of the mass of wheat samples, until to a steady value finally; while the volume of alcohol has little effect on the specific gravity of wheat. The measured value of wheat sample mass in existent specific gravity experiment standard is smaller than that obtained in this study cause the measured specific gravity lower than actual. The contrast test showed that the mass of wheat sample should not less than 100 g in the specific gravity test, which is far more than 10 g recommended in the current standard.

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