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Volume 24,Issue 1,2016 Table of Contents

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  • 1  Effects of water addition on the change of moisture state in tempering process
    陈成 王晓曦 马森 王瑞 范玲
    2016, 24(1):1-5.
    [Abstract](749) [HTML](180) [PDF 2.90 M](709)
    Low field nuclear magnetic resonance(NMR)technology was used to resrarch water relaxation characteristic under different water content gradient in tempering process,the high quality wheat zhengmai 366 as raw material in this paper.The results show that:T21,A21 was positively correlation with water content gradient and showed a trend of rising in tempering process;T22,T23,A22 and A23 are present a trend of first raising and faling after,varity parameters change have a positive correlation with moisture gradient,while T23,A23 have no significant correlation between moisture gradient.Water addition amounts had a significant effect on the state of water activity and content in wheat tempering process.Moreover,compared with the infiuence of water addition amounts to each component water total content,the infiuence of water addition amounts to each state moisture degree of freedom was greater.
    2  Research progress for influence of starch properties and flourparticle size on rice food quality
    吴娜娜 李莎莎 刘明 田晓红 刘艳香 汪丽萍 翟小童 谭斌
    2016, 24(1):6-9.
    [Abstract](713) [HTML](149) [PDF 1.14 M](914)
    The research progress for the influence of amylose,damaged starch and particle size of rice flour on rice food quality in home and abroad are summarized in this paper.This paper may provide some references for the utilization of rice in flour form,which refer to rice foods.The expectation for rice utilization in flour form in China is also made in this study.
    3  Influences of Sheeting Process on Texture Properties of Steamed bread
    张煌 李逸群 马永生 杨盛茹 邹建
    2016, 24(1):10-15.
    [Abstract](670) [HTML](167) [PDF 10.01 M](444)
    In this work,we use to the response surface analysis method to studied the sheeting process effects in the texture of the steamed bread in steamed bread production.Result show that the springiness had very significant effect on sheeting times and folding methods,sheeting times and roll gap width have interaction.Cohesiveness had very significant effect on roll gap width and folding methods.The factors which affected the chewiness were very significant among all the four factors.
    4  Processing Technology of Slightly Fermented Hazelnut Muffin
    胡睿 邵媛 何计国 梁建芬
    2016, 24(1):16-20.
    [Abstract](698) [HTML](157) [PDF 4.52 M](686)
    This paper aims to develop a kind of hazelnut muffin with soft texture,fermented flavor and acceptable sensory experience.Based on the basic recipe of pound cake,this paper proposes a kind of recipe and production technique of slightly fermented hazelnut cake.The final product is evaluated by TPA of hardness,elasticity,and sensory evaluation,as well.The optimum proportion of each ingredient is as follows,wheat flour 100,hazelnut powder 40,egg 120,sugar 45,butter 64,yeast 5 and milk 36(wheat flour is used as 100 basis).The main production technique is as follows:first,whip egg yolk and egg white respectively with oil and powder material;then,pre-activate yeast by milk;third,ferment 20min;finally,bake with temperature 160 ℃ from top and 180 ℃ at the bottom to make the cake taste soft and delicate with the aroma of hazelnut and yeast fermentation.
    5  Dynamic analysis on virtual prototype of offset centroid exciting efficient vibrating screen
    王中营 张海红 武文斌 李永祥
    2016, 24(1):21-24.
    [Abstract](773) [HTML](152) [PDF 3.95 M](677)
    In order to analyze the movement of the efficient vibrating screen in the case of the action line of the exciting force offset screen centroid. A virtual prototype model of TQLZ type vibrating screen was established using Solidworks and ADAMS software. The influence of the location of the action line of the exciting force offset screen centroid to the movement of typical point on the screen body was studied. The results showed that: when the action line of the exciting force passes through above the screen centroid, the synthesis amplitudes and the vibration direction angles of the upper points on the screen increase, while the lower points' are reduced. The amplitudes of the upper screen points are greater than the lower screen points. On the contrary, when the action line of the exciting force passes through below the screen centroid, the movement of the screen is opposite. Regardless of the relative position of the action line of the exciting force and the screen centroid, the trajectory of an arbitrary point on the screen is approximate to a straight line, and no effect on the movement of the screen centroid. The position of the action line of the exciting force offset screen centroid affect the amplitude of y direction of the screen mainly and smaller affect on the amplitude of x direction. The conclusion provides a theoretical basis to design a more excellent performance of vibrating screen.
    6  Effect of deodorization process on the quality of sunflower seed oil
    柴杰 薛雅琳 金青哲 张东
    2016, 24(1):25-28.
    [Abstract](684) [HTML](161) [PDF 2.45 M](710)
    The effect of deodorization process on the quality of sunflower seed oil was studied,the sunflower seed oil was deodorized for different time at different temperatures,the changes of acid value, peroxide value, the content of tocopherol, squalene,sterol and trans fatty acid were analysed. The results showed that with the deodorization temperature and time increased,acid value and peroxide value decreased gradually, the content of tocopherols, squalene,sterols significantly reduced, the content of trans fatty acid increased. According to the study on the quality of deodorized sunflower seed oil which was deodorized for different time at different temperatures,we hope to provide the data support for the actual deodorization process of sunflower seed oil.
    7  Effects of roasting conditions on the content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon in sesame oil
    任勇 汪学德
    2016, 24(1):29-33.
    [Abstract](873) [HTML](147) [PDF 3.27 M](611)
    Sesame oil was extracted under different roasting conditions. Then the content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sesame oil was detected and analyzed. The results showed that with the extension of the roasting time and roasting temperature, the content of B\[a\]P、PAH4、PAH16 distinctly rose. According to the national standard GB 2716-2005 and the EU regulation No. 835/2011, the reasonable time for roasting sesame should not exceed 30 min, and the roasting temperature should not exceed 180 ℃. When the roasting time is within 30 min and temperature between 200 ℃ and 240 ℃, 3 ring material is easily accumulated; while 4 ring material and heavy polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons accumulated as the temperature reached 260 ℃.
    8  Preparation of poppy-seed oil microcapsules by complex coacervation and study on stability
    王洪光 陈颜婷
    2016, 24(1):34-36.
    [Abstract](717) [HTML](155) [PDF 1.30 M](668)
    The study is aimed to enhance the stability of poppy-seed oil by microencapsulation technology.Poppy-seed oil microcapsules were successfully prepared using arabic gum and gelatin as wall materials by complex coacervation and spray drying.The optimal formulation was determined by orthogonal test.The core/wall ratio(or different mass ratios of oil to arabic gum/gelatin)on the property of poppy-seed oil microcapsules were evaluated.The optimum preparation conditions of poppy-seed oil microcapsules were achieved when the wall material concentration was 2.0%,core/wall ratio 1∶3,pH 4.2,emulsifier concentration was 1.5%.The encapsulation efficiency was 76.9% at these conditions..The oxidation of encapsulated poppy-seed oil revealed that microcapsules can enhance the storage stability.The preparation of poppy-seed oil microcapsules by complex coacervation is simple,and the stability of poppy-seed oil is improved obviously.This methord has a good application prospect in food industry.
    9  Antioxidative effects of extracts from wax gourd peels on oils and fats
    吴欣秀 王海凤 李娜 王璐 王俊斌
    2016, 24(1):37-39.
    [Abstract](785) [HTML](154) [PDF 2.15 M](728)
    In this paper,total polyphenols and flavanones from wax gourd peels were extracted using ultrasonic extraction method,and the contents were determined.Further,the effect of the wax gourd peels extracts on the antioxidant capacity of flax seed oil and lard were detected with peroxide value,acid value and malonaldehyde content as oxidation stability indexes.The results showed that wax gourd peels extract can effectively delay oxidation of oil and lard,and the antioxidant activity increased with the amount of wax gourd peels extracts increasing.The antioxidant activity of crude extracts was less than butylated hydroxytoluene.
    10  Nutritional components and prophylactic values of tartary buckwheat
    聂薇 李再贵
    2016, 24(1):40-45.
    [Abstract](659) [HTML](164) [PDF 1.17 M](721)
    Tartary buckwheat is introduced into the diet as an alternative crop and raw material for functional food due to its excellent nutritive and prophylactic values.It is a rich source of high-quality proteins,dietary fibre,vitamins and polyphenols,and the content of rutin in flowers is over 8%.This article has reviewed overseas and domestic research status of tartary buckwheat in the aspect of its nutritional components and prophylactic values,and some rational development strategies were provided based on the current situation and existing problems in tartary buckwheat processing industry.
    11  Analysis of the mechanism on the healthy functions of coarse cereal base on the molecular nutrition method
    李笑蕊 王世霞 贠婷婷 綦文涛
    2016, 24(1):46-49.
    [Abstract](727) [HTML](156) [PDF 1.14 M](804)
    Coarse cereals have been proved by numerous studies that have health benefits to people,while the mechanisms still remain unclear.Molecular Nutrition is a relatively new discipline which uses the molecular biology techniques to study the metabolic mechanism of nutrients and evaluate the nutritional requirements and value of food.In this paper,the progress and problems in the evaluation of the health functions of coarse cereal based on the molecular nutrition methods were reviewed.We hope this review would be helpful for the further understanding on the mechanisms of coarse cereal healthy effects.
    12  Study on determination of the content of water-soluble polysaccharides in auxiliary hypoglycemic health food
    刘世娟 张海弢 王婧 徐振秋
    2016, 24(1):50-54.
    [Abstract](699) [HTML](136) [PDF 2.46 M](632)
    To establish a method for determination of the content of water- soluble polysaccharides in auxiliary hypoglycemic health food, the effects of extraction method, concentration of ethanol for precipitation, deproteinization method and coloration method on the determined values of polysaccharides content were studied. Result showed that the phenol- sulfuric acid method was chosen as the coloration method, with the conditions as follows: ultrasonic power 250 W, extraction time 60 min, 80% ethanol concentration for precipitation, and 1/10 polysaccharide extraction volume, 5% trichloroacetic acid concentration for deproteinization, deproteinization once, standing time 2 h, and the result was good. The standard curve regression equation was A=0.0144C-0.0655, the calibration curve had a good linearity in the range of 6.61-79.28 μg/mL for glucose with the correlation coefficient (r) of 0.9996, and the average recovery at the spiked concentrations was 98.47% with RSD of 1.64% The average content of water- soluble polysaccharides from the auxiliary hypoglycemic health food was 11.49% with RSD of 2.31%. This method was simple and accurate with a good repetion, which can be used to determine the content of polysaccharides in auxiliary hypoglycemic health products.
    13  Study on the antimicrobial stability and antibacterial mechanism of ethanol extracts from fructus schisandrae chinensis
    张媛媛 冯亚净 李书国
    2016, 24(1):55-60.
    [Abstract](684) [HTML](156) [PDF 4.17 M](737)
    The antimicrobial stabilities,mechanism of ethanol extracts from Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis(FSC)and its application on storage of steamed bread were studied in this article.The antibacterial effect and the minimal inhibitory concentration(MIC)of ethanol extracts from FSC were determined by the oxford cup method and two-fold dilution method,the results showed that the MIC were between 1.75~7mg/mL. By changing the pH value,ultrasonic treatment,extend the preservation time and adding glucose,NaCl,metal ions,discussed the stability of ethanol extract from FSC against staphylococcus aureus,escherichia coli,mucormucedo and aspergillus. The results showed that the antibacterial effect of ethanol extracts had good stability of the ultrasonic,and was suitable for the application of acidic foods;with the extension of time under normal temperature,the inhibitory effect was gradually weakened;the inhibitory effect of ethanol extract from FSC had synergistic effect with glucose;the inhibitory effects against Eescherichia coli and aspergillus increased when added metal ions,but besides Fe3+,the inhibitory effect against staphylococcus aureus weakened and against mucormucedo was not obvious.The effects of different concentrations of NaCl on the antimicrobial activity were different.The antibacterial mechanism of ethanol extracts from FSC may be due to they destroyed the membrane structure of cells,providing a basis for the research of antibacterial mechanism.
    14  Determination of cadmium content in rice by direct dilution injection graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry
    肖竹青 袁丽红 张华 陈玉
    2016, 24(1):61-63.
    [Abstract](825) [HTML](152) [PDF 1.44 M](732)
    Objective:To establish the method of determination of cadmium in rice by direct dilution injection graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry.Methods:Crushed rice was diluted by mixture of 0.5% nitric acid and 0.1% Triton.Then the diluent was well shaken for further test.NH4H2PO4+Mg(NO3)2 were chosen as the matrix modifier,while the Zeeman effect background deduction method was adopted.The samples were subjected to one-step ashing method(argon),and two-step ashing method(argon+air),respectively,to create external standard calibration curves.The standard addition method was used to determine cadmium content in rice.The results showed that the RSD(N=6)of three methods were 1.78%,3.29%,and 0.62%,while the recovery rates were 114.7%,103.9%,and 102.5%.The detection limits were 0.025,0.031,and 0.035 μg/L.After T test of pairwise comparison,no significant difference was shown between two-step ashing method and standard addition method,and the accuracy and precision meet the requirements for determination well.Conclusion:As a simple,rapid and non-polluting method,the direct dilution injection graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry can be used for the determination of cadmium content in rice precisely and accurately.
    15  Rapid determination of fluoride distribution in peanut by direct reading concentration method
    高向阳 高遒竹 张小燕 王风云
    2016, 24(1):64-67.
    [Abstract](668) [HTML](164) [PDF 1.14 M](699)
    In order to establish a rapid,simple and new analysis method for determination of fluorine content and its distribution in peanut.With peanut as the samples from Xinyang and dengzhou city respectively,The Determination of fluoride ion by selective electrode with direct reading concentration method,after samples were extracted with ultrasonic.The results show that Conversion factor of fluorine electrode was 90.53%,relative standard deviation RSD<4.1% based on the Samples parallel determination(n=5),and Standard addition recovery was 91.6%~101.0% between.The fluorine distribution is reduced from outside to inside in peanut.Xinyang dry base peanut fluorine content lowest is 0.52 μg/g.This method can complete within 2 h,At the same time with fast,convenient and practical,less environmental pollution,suitable for mass rapid determination.
    16  Determination of fatty acids from Xinjiang pomegranate seed oil by gas chromatography mass spectrometry
    钱宗耀 步岩刚 宋斌
    2016, 24(1):68-71.
    [Abstract](683) [HTML](151) [PDF 1.82 M](696)
    Study on fatty acid composition of commercially available samples pomegranate seed oil. Through esterification reaction, using hexane as solvent direct injection and quantified by internal standard C11∶〖KG-*2〗0 methyl ester. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry was used for analysis of fatty acid methyl ester, and NIST library search to identify various components. The results showed that punicic acid were the main fatty acids in the sample which content more than 70%(w/w). This method is simple and fast, the analytic time is short and the result is accurate, which can provide reference for the similar products of fatty acid content.
    17  The analysis of aroma components in marjoram oil by GC/MS
    李源栋 刘秀明 冒德寿 夏建军 者为 段焰青
    2016, 24(1):72-76.
    [Abstract](804) [HTML](188) [PDF 1.35 M](706)
    The aroma components of marjoram oil were analyzed by GC/MS, and the peak area normalization method was used to calculate the relative content of each component. With the mass spectrometry library search, 58 compounds which account for 95.61% in the aroma components of marjoram oil, were identified by using reference literature, retention index. The cis(trans)-isomers isomers were confirmed by using retention index, and the accuracy of compound qualitative analysis in natural flavor was improved. The aroma of the key aroma compositions of the marjoram oil (linalool, alpha-terpineol, 1,8-cineole, linalyl acetate, alpha pinene, beta-pinene, myrcene, camphene, beta-caryophyllene, sabinene, camphor, borneol, et al) was determined, and the results provided the technical support for the development and application of marjoram oil.
    18  Comparison of methods for the detection of arsenic,mercury,selenium and antimony in food by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and atomic fluorescence spectrometry
    叶发明 张祥
    2016, 24(1):77-80.
    [Abstract](747) [HTML](152) [PDF 1.14 M](653)
    Set up a microwave digestion-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and hydride atomic fluorescence spectrometry determination of arsenic,mercury,selenium,antimony in food.Digestion conditions,working conditions of the instrument was optimized by testing the inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and atomic fluorescence spectrometry as a method of comparison research,comparison of both linear range,accuracy,precision,etc.In the optimization of experimental conditions,the use of national standards of material test and verify the reliability of the two methods and accuracy,measurements are according with the standard values.The results show that the two methods of high accuracy,good precision and high sensitivity has a strong comparability,etc.
    19  Screening of gossypol-removing strain and the fermentation of cottonseed meal with mixed culture
    王晓玲 刘倩 韩伟 申琳 张晓琳 关锋
    2016, 24(1):81-85.
    [Abstract](697) [HTML](147) [PDF 3.30 M](790)
    Cottonseed meal is an important protein feed resource,however the existence of free gossypol affects its application in animal husbandry.In this paper,a strain ST-141,which could remove more than 90% of free gossypol in the liquid fermentation was isolated and identified as Bacillus subtilis through 16S rDNA sequence analysis and Biolog microbial identification.Then the ST-141,mixed with the strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae N5,were used for the solid state fermentation of cottonseed meal.After incubated at 30 ℃ for 48 h,the removal rate of free gossypol reached 48.5%,and the contents of crude protein,total amino acid and essential amino acid were also increased by 19%,22.2% and 28.4% respectively,showing high application potential.
    20  UV mutagenesis approach for breeding stains of saccharomyces cerevisiae with high fermentation rate and alcohol production
    方佩佩 王世清 李静 谭海刚 刘晓莉 付均鹏
    2016, 24(1):86-90.
    [Abstract](716) [HTML](200) [PDF 3.06 M](771)
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae induced by UV mutagenesis to breeding the strains of high fermentation rate and alcohol production are investigated.Regarded fatality rate and percentage of plus mutants as main criterion,ethanol fermentation performance of mutant as reference,the proper condition of UV mutagenesis experimented by single factor and orthogonal experiment are as follows:UV radiation time for 10 min by ultraviolet lamp of 20w,distance from the lamp to sample at 9cm.And with the original strain F1 as control,physiological comprehensive performance tests of the seven mutant stains are conducted.The results are shown that an excellent positive mutated S.cerevisiae F4 is obtained,which has a high loss of carbon dioxide weight,low amount of residual sugar,superior production of ethanol and esters.The cell of this mutated strain F4 is full,its shape is oval,and its color is ivory-white or cream.It could be applied in the wine of purple sweet potato,of which the fermentation rate and alcohol production are high,the alcohol degree of fermentation broth can reach at 11.08%,the aroma is strong.So the potential industrial production of this mutated strain is well.
    21  Research on the edible wrapper of bean dregs
    杜磊 路志芳 王孟柯
    2016, 24(1):91-94.
    [Abstract](788) [HTML](157) [PDF 1.75 M](717)
    Bean dregs contains lots of fiber and calcium while just little fat, so it is of high nutritional value. In order to expand the utilization of bean dregs and improve the economic value of soybeans, by using fresh bean dregs as raw material to confirm the optimum conditions for extracting bean dregs soluble dietary fiber through the study on the dosage of enzyme, temperature, time and pH. The result shows that it can get the maximum extraction rate of 4.56% with the condition of 0.5% of the dosage of enzyme, 100 min of the reaction time, 48 ℃ of the reaction temperature, 4.3 of the pH. Then use tensile strength of film as index to conduct study on the impact on performance of the edible wrapper of bean dregs with different dosages of sodium alginate, CMC, glycerol and mixed soluble dietary fiber above. The result shows that it can get the best tensile strength of film of 7.42 MPa with 2.0 g soluble dietary fiber, 1.5 g sodium alginate, 0.5 g CMC and 1.5 mL glycerol through Orthogonal experiment.
    22  Numerical simulation study of mechanical ventilation of grain heap with tube insertion in tall horizontal warehouses
    张成 樊洪明
    2016, 24(1):95-101.
    [Abstract](897) [HTML](157) [PDF 5.17 M](758)
    The air speed distribution of grain ventilation in horizontal warehouse which is usually concerned is investigated by using CFD numerical simulation.Carefully considered air pressure distribution in the barn.Established independent numerical model for the ventilation cage of the cage ventilation method,obtained its pressure drop versus velocity data,and applied it to the full numerical model of the barn,improved the reality of the simulation.And simulated ventilation tubes in grain heaps based on the tube insertion technology from some barns.It is observed from the test result that air speed in the grain is effectively improved by reasonable arrangement of the ventilation tubes.Proposed the theory of the improvement of the ventilation effect by tube insertion and the direction of optimal designing of the ventilation tube through the observation of the flow field and pressure field nearby ventilation tubes.
    23  The numerical and experimental study on the ventilation resistance of three stored grains during horizontal aeration and vertical aeration using half-round perforated duct on the floor
    潘钰 孙源 王远成 赵会义 石天玉 魏雷
    2016, 24(1):102-105.
    [Abstract](803) [HTML](168) [PDF 2.73 M](737)
    Mechanical ventilation is the main measure of ensuring the grain’s safety and quality.The mechanical ventilation of the grain storage in warehouse can be divided into the horizontal ventilation and the vertical ventilation.The ventilation resistance varies with different grain variety and grain bulk.According to Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD)method,numerical simulation analysis of horizontal ventilation and vertical ventilation resistance of three kinds of grains(wheat,paddy and corn)in grain bulk is conducted.The foundation for the fan selection of the mechanical ventilation system and the optimization of ventilation system was laid through the comparison between the ventilation resistance under different grains’ ventilation pattern and the experimental data,with the analysis of its grains’ layer resistance variation.
    24  Research of the moisture content of soybean rapid detection system based on RGB image features
    黄南 王若兰 岳佳
    2016, 24(1):106-111.
    [Abstract](585) [HTML](148) [PDF 3.01 M](636)
    This study is base on machine vision technology,choose the soybean which from Heilongjiang,America,Brazil and Argentina,through the MATLAB image processing,combined with soybean moisture content,in order to be able to accurately predict the moisture content in soybean.Finally,through the MATLAB GUI(graphical user interface)design and develop a set of online moisture content of soybean moisture measurement software.Through the comparison of predictive value and the true value of the soybean,the prediction accuracy of this software could run up to 97% under the same batches.This software provide a reliable theoretical basis for the online determination of moisture of grain.

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