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Volume 23,Issue 6,2015 Table of Contents

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  • 1  The influences of proofing on the quality of pea noodles
    王盼 田晓红 汪丽萍 吴卫国 谭斌 吴娜娜 刘明 刘艳香 翟小童
    2015, 23(6):1-6.
    [Abstract](756) [HTML](0) [PDF 4.39 M](654)
    The effect of proofing mode, including flour dough proofing and dough sheet proofing, and proofing period on the cooking, texture and sensory quality of pea noodles was analyzed. The result indicated that pea noodles had better texture quality and sensory score with flour dough proofing, although with higher loss rate of dry material, compared with dough sheet proofing. Both flour dough proofing and dough sheet proofing for 45 min can make the best quality of pea noodles.
    2  Study on the preparation and quality improvement of oat-wheat dough properties
    李园园 章绍兵 牛巧娟 陆启玉
    2015, 23(6):7-11.
    [Abstract](752) [HTML](0) [PDF 3.51 M](631)
    The effect of addition amount of oat flour on the gluten and dough properties of oat-wheat mixed flour was investigated. The qualities of oat-wheat mixed flour were improved by addition of transglutaminase and exogenous proteins (peanut protein and gluten) and the protein composition of resulted mixed flour was also analyzed. The results showed that with the increase of oat flour content, the wet-gluten, gluten index, sedimentation value and stability time of oat-wheat mixed flour were significantly decreased and the water absorption was enhanced. In case of the mixed flour containing 30% oat powder, as the addition amount of transglutaminase was 0.8% (w/w) or more both dough development time and stability time were significantly increased. When transglutaminase and peanut protein were added into mixed flour at the same time, the relative content of SDS insoluble glutenin and dough stability time were further increased.
    3  Effects of yeast characteristic of gas production on the acidity of steamed bread dough
    宋金丽 郑心羽 张佩
    2015, 23(6):12-14.
    [Abstract](717) [HTML](0) [PDF 2.25 M](973)
    In aim to identify the gas characteristics produced by different species of yeasts and their influence on fermented dough acidity, the curves of gas production, under the condition of 28, 32, 35,38 and 40 ℃, were determined respectively. The acidity and pH value of dough during fermentation were determined as well. Results showed that the optimum temperature for gas production was 38 ℃. The gas properties of dough, fermented by different yeasts, were obviously different. The acidity and pH value of dough was relevant to both adding amount of yeast and sugar resistant characteristics of yeast. The acidity was increasing during fermentation process, thus the pH value declined.
    4  Comparative study on the stabilization technology of wheat germ
    徐同成 闫永恒 徐志祥 寇兴凯 陶海腾 刘振华 刘丽娜 杜方岭
    2015, 23(6):15-18.
    [Abstract](588) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.68 M](410)
    The wheat germs were pretreated by hot air drying, microwave drying, steam treatment at high pressure and atmospheric pressure to evaluate the passivation effect of different treatment on lipase. The acid value and peroxide value were determined after the wheat germs were stored at 35 ℃ for 30 days. Results showed that high pressure steam treatment was the best technology, followed by atmospheric pressure steam treatment, hot air drying and microwave drying. The optimal condition of the high pressure steam processing was: pressure 0.01 MPa processing time 30 min. With this condition, the storage period of wheat germ was prolonged greatly.
    5  Processing techniques of fortified calcium noodle
    许先猛 董文宾 孙皎皎
    2015, 23(6):19-24.
    [Abstract](788) [HTML](0) [PDF 4.09 M](650)
    The processing technology of fortified calcium noodle with collagen peptide chelating calcium was studied. Collagen peptide chelating calcium was prepared with pigskin gelatin, and the structure was characterized. Collagen peptide chelating calcium, pigskin gelatin, compound phosphate and salt were studied for improving the quality of noodles. The processing technology of fortified calcium noodle was optimized by sensory evaluation. The research showed that the optimum formula of the product was collagen peptide chelating calcium 2%, pigskin gelatin 1.5%, compound phosphate 0.8%, salt 1.5% and the flour 94%. The bending broken ratio was 0, cooking broken ratio 0, loss rate of dry material 6.9%, water absorption rate 167.5%, and the turbidity of noodle soup 0.104. The score by sensory evaluation was 88.7. The calcium content of the noodles was 143.6 mg/100 g. The fortified calcium noodle showed high sensory quality and nutritional value.
    6  The effect of starch pretreatment on super absorbent resins prepared via inverse emulsion polymerization
    蒋洪强 谢新玲 童强法 黄祖强 熊海武 张友金
    2015, 23(6):25-28.
    [Abstract](718) [HTML](0) [PDF 2.75 M](600)
    The supper absorbent resin of starch grafting acrylic acid was prepared by inverse emulsion polymerization with heating gelatinized cassava starch or mechanical activated cassava starch and acrylic acid (AA) as the raw material. The effects of mass ratio of AA to starch, concentration of initiator (APS) and crosslinking agent (MBIS) on absorbency of the resins were investigated. The functional groups of the resins were characterized by FT-IR. The results showed that the acrylate monomer was successfully grafted onto starch, and the mass ratio of AA to starch, concentration of initiator and crosslinking agent were the major factors which affected the absorbency of resin. Compared with the heat gelatinized starch graft super absorbent, mechanical activated starch grafted acrylate super absorbent had a higher maximum absorption rate of deionized water 194.51 g/g, which improved 43.14%, and a higher maximum absorption rate of normal saline 16.88 g/g, which improved 27.1% Compared with the heat gelatinized pretreatment technology,the mechanical activation pretreatment technology for preparing starch-based super absorbent resin via inverse emulsion would reduce the consumption of resources and the cost.
    7  Research on ultrasonic-assisted aqueous extraction of peony seed oil
    刘普 许艺凡 刘一琼 侯学文 董俊青 邓瑞雪
    2015, 23(6):29-33.
    [Abstract](623) [HTML](0) [PDF 4.43 M](640)
    Ultrasound -assisted aqueous extraction method was adopted to extract oil from peony seed, and the fatty acid composition of the oil was analyzed by GC-MS. The effect of four parameters, including ultrasonic time, power, temperature and liquid/solid ratio on the extraction rate of peony seed oil were researched. On the basis of single factor tests,the extraction technology of peony seed oil was optimized by response surface methodology. The result showed that the optimum conditions obtained were as follows: extraction time was 54 min, extraction temperature was 45 ℃, liquid/solid ratio was 8.5∶1(mL/g), extraction power was 960 W. Under this condition, the extraction rate of oil was 28.850 6 %. The predominant fatty acids in peony seed oil were linolenic acid methyl ester(40.04%), linoleic acid methyl ester (40.37%). The percentage of unsaturated fatty acids relative to total fatty acids was over 85%.
    8  Optimization of extracting oil and protein from cold-pressed camellia oleifera seed cake by aqueous enzymatic extraction
    吴建宝 宁程茜 胡传荣 何东平
    2015, 23(6):34-39.
    [Abstract](684) [HTML](0) [PDF 6.94 M](317)
    The aqueous enzymatic extraction of oil and protein from cold pressed camellia oleifera seed cake was optimized by response surface methodology. Taking enzyme dosage, temperature, pH and hydrolysis time as influencing factor, the extraction yields of oil and protein as response value, a mathematic model was established using Box-Behnken experimental design.The result showed that the model was statistically significant and allowed accurate prediction of extraction yields of oil and protein under various conditions.The optimal technical condition was: ratio of solid to liquid 1∶5,enzyme dosage 1.6%, pH 8, temperature 60 ℃ and hydrolysis time 4.5 h. Under the optimized conditions,the extraction yields of oil and protein were 81.42% and 79.36%,respectively.
    9  Microencapsulation of pumpkin seed oil
    杨伊磊 黄晴 廖卢艳
    2015, 23(6):40-43.
    [Abstract](718) [HTML](0) [PDF 2.39 M](670)
    The micro-encapsulation of pumpkin seed oil was studied by spray drying. The optimal ratio of compound wall, core to wall, and the addition of emulsifier were determined by single factor and orthogonal experiments. The result showed that: the optimal condition from orthogonal experimental design was: the ratio of compound wall of gum arabic and maltodextrin was 1∶1, the ratio of core to wall was 1∶5, the addition of emulsifier was 3.5%. Under the optimal condition, the embedding rate of the pumpkin seed oil micro-encapsulation was 81.05%.
    10  Study on extraction of the fatty acid mixed in soybean oil sediment
    唐生 宋长虹 于洪起 尚刚 张毅新
    2015, 23(6):44-46.
    [Abstract](669) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.13 M](623)
    The extraction process of mixed fatty acid from soybean oil sediment was researched. Soybean oil sediment was hydrolyzed by hydrochloric acid. The mixed fatty acid was extracted by Soxhlet extractor or vacuum rotary evaporator. The optimal technical condition was obtained by orthogonal experiment, which was: with Soxhlet extractor, heating time was 45 min, temperature 75 ℃, the concentration of hydrochloric acid 22%; with vacuum rotary evaporator, heating time was 45 min, temperature 75 ℃, vacuum degree 91.9 kPa. The result showed that the fat acid content 98.8% extracted with vacuum rotary evaporator was higher than that with Soxhlet extractor, which was 90.18%. The vacuum degree and the concentration of hydrochloric acid had a certain influence on the extraction of fat acid content, while heating time and temperature had little influence.
    11  Effects of different soybean milk on the health of mice fed with normal and high-fat diets
    张莉 刘珊 赵丽芹 李怡然 贠婷婷 赵明久 綦文涛 李爱科
    2015, 23(6):47-51.
    [Abstract](665) [HTML](0) [PDF 2.06 M](669)
    The effects of different kinds of soybean milk on mice under normal diet and high fat feed conditions were researched. Four different kinds of soybean milk, including non-transgenic home-made soybean milk F, transgenic home-made soybean milk G and two kinds of common commercial ready-made soybean milk K and M, were selected to feed the C57 mice by gavage. Normal and high-fat diets were added, respectively. The executions were performed after 10 weeks. The weight growth rate, liver coefficient and colon length of the mice were measured. The concentrations of GLU, TG, CHOL, HDL-C and LDL-C in mice serum were determined by a biochemical analyzer. Human colon cancer cell line HCT-116 was used to investigate the influences of different soybean milks on the proliferation of cells and accumulation of lipid droplets. Results showed that the level of blood TG in mice was reduced by all of the soybean milks. Commercial ready-made soybean milk M could lower the concentrations of GLU and CHOL. The cell proliferation were significantly decreased by the soybean milks, however, the decrease were non-significant when the proliferation were induced by the oleic acid. Same results were found in the accumulations of lipid droplets. Different soybean milks cocld bring different effects on concentrations of GLU, TG, and CHOL etc in mice serum for their various contents of nutritional and functional factors. The commercial ready-made soybean milk was more conducive to reduce the adverse impact brought by high fat feed than the home-made soybean milks.
    12  Effect of purple sweet potato anthocyanins on anti-fatigue
    熊斌 王杨科 解雷 乔艳明 虞小燕 王洪艳 覃子秋
    2015, 23(6):52-56.
    [Abstract](739) [HTML](0) [PDF 2.75 M](612)
    The electrical stimulation on frog gastrocnemius to simulate peripheral fatigue was established. The antifatigue effect of purple sweet potato anthocyanins(PSPA) was studied, as well as the difference of anti-fatigue effect among different varieties of PSPA. Three groups with different concentrations(0.03、0.06、0.12 mg/mL)of PSPA were set, so did treatment time(5、10、15、20 min). The control group was exposed to solutions containing Ringer's solution. The peripheral fatigue by electrical stimulation was recorded as skeletal muscle contraction curve. The anti-fatigue effects were compared among different varieties of PSPA with mass concentrations of 0.06 mg/mL for 10 min. The results showed that PSPA significantly delay the fatigue of the gastrocnemius (P<0.05), and at the same concentration, the longer the processed time, the more significant the delay of gastrocnemius fatigue (P<0.05). In the 5 min, extensions of time of the groups with concentration of 0.12 mg/mL and 0.06 mg/mL were 2.6 and 1.7 times longer than that with 0.03 mg/mL. The antifatigue effect of the group with concentration of 0.03 mg/mL was 18.19%, while that of 0.06 mg/mL was 38.01%, that of 0.12 mg/mL was 63.23%. PSPA had significant antifatigue effect. Different varieties of PSPA had different antifatigue effect.
    13  Optimization of microwave extraction of roselle anthocyanin by response surface method
    张赛男 陈毅勇 宗俊
    2015, 23(6):57-61.
    [Abstract](690) [HTML](0) [PDF 4.80 M](627)
    The microwave extraction of anthocyanins from roselle was optimized. Based on single factor tests, taking microwave power, ratio of material to liquid and extraction time as independent variable, the response surface experiment, which includes 3 factors and 3 levels, was designed with the content of anthocyanins as response value. The result showed that the effects of three factors on extraction of anthocyanins were ratio of material to liquid >microwave power>extraction time. The optimum processing conditions were microwave power 164 W, ratio of material to liquid 1∶25, and extraction time 12 min. The anthocyanins content could reach 537.873 mg/100 g material.
    14  Preparation of hamburger in laboratory by rapid fermentation and secondary fermentation and evaluation
    张强涛 韩耀光 周玲 王圣宝 丁卫星 贾祥祥 田红玉
    2015, 23(6):62-66.
    [Abstract](678) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.14 M](669)
    8 different kinds of wheat flour were selected to make hamburger buns by rapid fermentation and secondary fermentation and the quality of hamburger buns was evaluated. The relationship between the quality characteristics of flour and hamburger buns was analyzed. The result showed that the gluten index, falling number, development time, extension area, maximum anti-extension resistance, L value and W value were all negatively correlated with the total score of hamburger buns. The ideal indexes of flour for hamburger buns were as follows: gluten index≥40, falling number 350~500 s, development time 3~9 min, extension area 90~150 cm2, maximum anti-extension resistance 400~600 EU, L value≥70 mm and W value 300×10-4~350×10-4J.
    15  Determination of trace selenium content in Nanyang color wheat
    高向阳 高遒竹 朱盈蕊 王长青
    2015, 23(6):67-70.
    [Abstract](730) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.54 M](710)
    Taking nanyang grey wheat and hard purple wheat, common purple wheat, blue wheat as the samples, zhoumai16 and yanzhan 4 110 as control group, the distribution and content of trace element selenium in wheat was digested by microwave; the trace element selenium in wheat skin, kernel and whole wheat flour were determined by molecular fluorescence. The results showed that the detection limit of selenium was 3.6×10-2 ng/mL, recovery was 96.88~104.23%. Selenium content was 0.064 3~0.136 mg/kg in all wheat flour, 0.100~0.155 mg/kg in wheat skin and 0.055 3~0.116 mg/kg in wheat kernel. Selenium content in the color wheat skin was more than that in two kinds of common wheat;selenium content was the highest in common purple wheat, which can be used as good dietary source of selenium for people.
    16  Study on determination of 3 kinds of pigment content of yellow, green S and bright green in steamed bread by HPLC-DAD method
    杨勇 罗奕 吴琳琳 杨娟艳 史蕙 许乾丽 游正琴
    2015, 23(6):71-75.
    [Abstract](725) [HTML](0) [PDF 2.60 M](636)
    The contents of 3 kinds of pigment in steamed bread were determined by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) tandem ultraviolet (DAD). Anhydrous alcohol- ammonia-water (7∶2∶1) solution was selected as the extraction solvent. The contents of pigments were extracted by ultrasound-assisted extraction. Detected by HPLC-DAD, with detection wavelength 425 nm, 624 nm, column chromatography: PAK capcell C18 (5 μm, 4.6 ×200 mm), flow rate 1.0 mL min-1, column temperature 35℃, with methanol - ammonium acetate solution as mobile phase to gradient elution. The result showed that the resolutions of the three kinds of pigment were good with good linear relationship (r=0.999 9), reproducibility and precision (RSD less than 3%); the detection limit of edible green was 0.848 4 ng, quinoline yellow 6.833 9 ng, and the bright green 1.336 0 ng; the average recovery rate was 91%~105%. This method is simple, fast and sensitive, with high recovery rate and low detection limit, which is suitable for the determination of the content of yellow, green S and bright green in steamed bread.
    17  Detection of flour ash based on near infrared spectroscopy
    刘翠玲 胡玉君 孙晓荣 窦颖
    2015, 23(6):76-79.
    [Abstract](835) [HTML](0) [PDF 2.62 M](663)
    Rapid detection of ash content in flour was built based on the near infrared spectroscopy technology. The near infrared spectral data of flour was collected by two different near-infrared spectrometers; conventionally measured value as model data, a quantitative analysis model of flour ash content was established by partial least square regression analysis; the impact of near infrared spectrograms of flour scanned by two different near-infrared spectrometers on the model were compared. The results showed that the correlation coefficient of calibration set model of MicroNIR-1700 scanning near-infrared spectrometer was 90.69, with the root mean square error RMSECV 0.0312; the root mean square error of prediction set model RMSEP was 0.0217; the correlation coefficient of calibration set model of VERTEX70 Fourier transform near infrared spectrometer was 89.40, with the root mean square error RMSECV 0.0350; the root mean square error of prediction set model RMSEP was 0.0366. Both instruments can be used for collecting flour spectrograms, and rapid detection of ash content, while MicroNIR-1700 had good application in flour ash detection.
    18  Study on the application of rapid determinations of cadmium in paddy
    骆倩 赵美凤 宁晖 杜京霖 杜文凯 应美蓉 高梦莎
    2015, 23(6):80-83.
    [Abstract](656) [HTML](0) [PDF 2.99 M](670)
    Cadmium content in paddy was determined by three rapid methods, including X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, rapid extraction method and anodic stripping voltammetry, and GB/T 5009.15-2003 standard determination method of cadmium, the samples included 58 species of paddy. The result obtained by standard determination method was compared with that by three rapid methods. The qualitative result showed that the accuracy of the three methods reached 79.3%~87.9%. For the testing result which was in the range of 0.16 mg/kg~0.24 mg/kg, its accuracy was between 52.4%~79.2%, otherwise, the accuracy was between 90.5%~94.6%. Whereas, the coincidence rate of quantitative result was 48.3%~65.5%. For the testing result which was lower than or equal to 0.2 mg/kg (≤0.2 mg/kg), its coincidence rate was between 28.6%~85.0%, otherwise, the coincidence rate was between 52.6%~78.3%. Four regression equations were obtained respectively: Y=1.041 5X-0.0131(R2=0.813 8), Y=0.738 3X+0.026 3(R2=0.642 6),Y=0.982 8X+0.034 2(R2=0.821 1)and Y=1.069 7X-0.000 4(R2=0.823 7), with R2 were 0.813 8, 0.642 6, 0.821 1 and 0.823 7, respectively.
    19  Identification of adulterate peanut oil binary system based on visible-near infrared spectroscopy
    孙淑敏 谢岩黎 张严
    2015, 23(6):84-88.
    [Abstract](666) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.98 M](661)
    Visible-Near infrared spectra of peanut oil adulterated respectively with soybean oil, palm oil and cottonseed oil in different proportion (V/V) from 0 to 90% were collected and analyzed to seek an effective and simple method for qualitative and quantitative detection of peanut oil adulteration. The result showed that in the qualitative identification the correct rate of the peanut oil mixed with soybean oil, palm oil and cottonseed oil was 100%, 96.1% and 85.3%, respectively. In the quantitative analysis, the peanut oil binary adulteration calibration model established using modified partial least square (MPLS) was validated. The result showed that the correlation coefficients of cross validation for three kinds of models were 0.998, 0.997 and 0.995 respectively; the relative standard deviation were 2.327%, 3.040% and 3.830%, respectively; the relative percent deviation were 3.542, 2.642 and 2.581, respectively. The results indicated that NIR technique can be used as an effective method for quality control and adulteration identification of peanut oil, the prediction accuracy of soybean oil adulteration was highest, and the adulteration content of palm oil and cottonseed oil above 3% can be accurately predicted by these models. This result can supply a simple, rapid and effective method for identifying the adulterated binary system of peanut oil.
    20  Determination of morphine and codeine in hot pot condiment by high performance liquid chromatography-fluorescence detection
    陈伟 乔勇升 董贵军
    2015, 23(6):89-91.
    [Abstract](777) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.70 M](656)
    A method of high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence method was developed for determination of morphine and codeine. The liquid chromatographic experiment was carried out under the following conditions: the detector was a fluorescence with excitation wavelength at 285 nm and emission wavelength at 340 nm. An C18 column(250 mm×4.6 mm,5 μm) was used. The mobile phase was a mixture of methanol and 0.01 mol/L ammonium acetate(40∶60,v/v). The flow rate was 1.0 mL/min. The result showed that a good linear relationship between mass concentration and corresponding peak area was the feeding in range of 0.5 ng to 0.02 μg. The lowest detection limit was 0.12 ng. The average recovery of sample for morphine and codeine was 91.1%~94.6%. The method is rapid, accurate, sensitive and suitable for the separation and determination of morphine and codeine in hot pot condiment.
    21  Fading spectrophotometric method for the determination of trace propyl gallate in food with FCF-fenton system
    谢宇奇 凌绍明 李子彬
    2015, 23(6):92-95.
    [Abstract](694) [HTML](0) [PDF 2.23 M](647)
    Based on gallic acid ester (PG) of Fenton reagent oxidation solid green fade has obvious inhibitory effect principle, A new method of determination of PG in food was established using spectrophotometric method. The influence of the solid green consumption and other factors on the system were studied, the experimental conditions were optimized . In selected experimental conditions, the method of linear regression equation for delta rho △A625nm=59.328ρ+0.008 5,the correlation coefficient (R2) of 0.995 2, the linear range of 8.3×10-4~1.6×10-2 mg/mL, detection limit of 9.8×10-5 mg/mL. Method used in the determination of food in PG, the determination results of RSD was 3.4%, the recovery in 96.25%~103.3%.
    22  Effect of superfine comminution on reducing sugar components in corn stalk enzymatic hydrolysate
    赵晓燕 朱海涛 张桂香 张立金 何磊
    2015, 23(6):96-98.
    [Abstract](710) [HTML](0) [PDF 2.08 M](638)
    The compositions of five different monosaccharides in corn stalk enzymatic hydrolysate were analyzed by HPLC. They were arabinose, mannose, galactose, glucose and fructose, in which glucose and fructose were the main compositions.The results showed that the reducing sugar composition contents in corn stalk powder with a particle >1 200 mesh was higher than that with a particle size 100~200 mesh. The content of arabinose, galactose, glucose, mannose and fructose in enzymatic hydrolysate with particle size of >1 200 mesh increased 48.38%、64.29%、37.63%、70.07% and 22.34%, respectively. In addition, three new unknown response peaks occurred in the chromatograms, which might be fucose, sucrose and cellobiose.
    23  Study on enzymatic hydrolysis of soybean protein and its influence on dough rheological property
    杜振亚 陈复生 张丽芬 左贯杰
    2015, 23(6):99-104.
    [Abstract](916) [HTML](0) [PDF 2.37 M](740)
    The processing conditions of soy protein isolate with neutral protease were optimized by response surface,which were: enzyme dosage 6%, hydrolysis time 6 h, substrate concentration 3.7%, temperature 42 ℃ and pH 7.0. The degree of hydrolysis was 7.74%. Five samples with different degree of hydrolysis, 3.1%, 4.4%, 5.2%, 6.2% and 7.4%, were prepared. Their variations of molecular weights were analyzed by SDS-PAGE. 2% of soy protein isolate or the hydrolysate samples were added into wheat flour, and the influences of the additions on dough rheological properties were investigated by Brabender farinograph and extensograph. Results showed that two new peptide fragments emerged after enzymatic hydrolysis of soy protein isolate with molecular weight about 30.5 ku and 26.4 ku; the water absorption of dough, stability, tensile energy, resistance to extension and stretching ratio were all increased when adding soybean protein isolate; when adding the hydrolysates, they were all decreased, and the dough rheology property got worse and worse with the increase of hydrolysis degree.
    24  A primary study about the activity and development regularity of pests on the surface of grain bulk
    齐艳梅 伍祎 汪中明 李燕羽 张振军 潘德蓉 何睿 张涛 田琳 贺培欢 曹阳 江亚杰 董震
    2015, 23(6):105-110.
    [Abstract](910) [HTML](0) [PDF 3.37 M](366)
    There is practical importance in monitoring pest population dynamics and their regularity of occurrence and development for pest management during grain storage. The regularity of main stored grain insects activity and development were detected by sticky colored card and sample sieving in April at Guangdong Zhenjiang north station transfer grain depot of state grain reserve and Nanning Shajing grain depot. The result suggested that there were species differences of stored grain pests between these two stored grain depots. Liposcelis entomophila (Enderlein) and Cryptolestes ferrugineus(Stephens) seemed to be the mainly pests at Nanning Shajing grain depot, while they were Cryptolestes pusillus(Schnherr) and Liposcelis paeta ( Psocopotera: Liposcelididae) at Zhanjiang north station depot; during April, there were an outbreak of booklice and Laemophloeidae at both of the grain depots, and the population quantity of booklice had rose quickly; the daily activity habit had the obvious correlation with the temperature and humidity inside the barns; the distribution of different stored grain pests at warehouse got effected by many factors and therefore high infected areas were different in different barns. The result showed that it should be pay close attention to pest control as it is the beginning of growth and reproduction for stored grain pests in China's Guangdong and Guangxi in April. And in the process of detection and prevention, it was necessary to identify the main pest species and adjust the monitoring time and means according to the activity regularity of different pests.
    25  Influence of acute hypoxia and high concentrations of phosphine on the behavior and organs of rat
    张涛 汪中明 贺培欢 齐艳梅 黄梭 曹阳
    2015, 23(6):111-114.
    [Abstract](738) [HTML](0) [PDF 2.99 M](638)
    The influence of acute hypoxia and high concentrations of phosphine on the behavior and organs of rats was studied. Female or male rats were selected randomly to groups and were put into the atmosphere with the oxygen concentration of 3.0%, 4.4%, 6.4%, 20.9%( control group) and phosphine concentration of 0( control group), 200, 600 mL/L. During that time the behaviors of the rats were recorded and then the organs were dissected to analyse the change. The results showed that under the condition of acute hypoxia and high concentrations of phosphine, the behaviors of the rats were different: under the condition of acute hypoxia, the abdomen of rats dithered quickly and breathed rapidly;under the condition of high concentrations of phosphine,rats behaved intermittent excited as constantly jumping. The lung organ of rats changed significantly. The main performance was that the peripheral pulmonary vesicles appeared compensatory amplification, alveolar hemorrhaged and fibrin entered into the alveolar space. There was no obvious change in the heart, liver, spleen, kidney and other organs.
    26  Influence of bandwidth of helical ribbon paddles on solid -liquid two-phase flow of fried capsicum sauce in stirred tank
    何玲 罗金刚 王仁伟
    2015, 23(6):115-118.
    [Abstract](821) [HTML](0) [PDF 3.63 M](613)
    The flow state of fried capsicum sauce, as solid-liquid two-phase flow, inside of stirred tank was studied by numerical simulation analysis. Helical ribbon paddles was selected to analyze the fluid velocity field, density field and the distribution of volume fraction of each phase in stirred tank under the condition of different band width. The simulation results showed that: helical ribbon bandwidth had a great impact on fluid flow distribution in stirred tank. It was known by comparing different bandwidths that the agitation axial velocity on solid-liquid mixture could be increased by adding the bandwidth properly; and the turbulent area was increased, the solid-liquid mixture was mixed evenly with better effection. The results provided theoretical basis for design of horizontal stirred tank of fried capsicum sauce, which had a certain practical significance.

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